VRMMO 003 – Time to finally leave the training field… which is a good thing.

A Certain Middle-Aged Man’s VRMMO Activity Log

Chapter 3: Time to finally leave the training field… which is a good thing.

TN: Sorry for the super long delay between chapters!

Been really busy this summer with an internship and working on a startup project of my own. School is starting up again soon and I’ll try my best to release the coming chapters more consistently.

I will probably be putting the Ice Magic LN on hold b/c VRMMO seems to have more people interested in it b/c of the manga and since it’s a bit easier to translate.

A small note, I’m going to start making my translations less word for word mostly because it makes it a lot easier for me if I don’t spend time trying to think of exact word-for-word translations of certain phrases. Unless you have read the Japanese raws you probably won’t notice any difference 😛

Also I’m just gonna call the currency Gold from now on. It’s close enough 😛

After leaving the training fields, I logged out, had a meal, and hopped in the bath…
And logged on again.

Well then, before completely leave, I better check out what equips I have.

Beginner Bow
A bow suitable for beginners. It’s weak, so it’s best to get a better weapon as quickly as possible.
Atk+2, Endurance: Unlimited

Beginner Armor
A beginner overall armor (covers top and bottom). No armor type.
Def+5, Endurance: Unlimited

So, those are the kinds of equips I have. They have unlimited endurance so you can never lose them.
Apart from using up endurance, it’s pretty much impossible to lose equipment.

Also, there are 4 types of armor masteries to help improve your usage of armor.
Cloth Armor, Leather Armor, Light Armor, and Heavy Armor.
Of course, you can wear armor even if you don’t have mastery for it, and you’ll get all the stats for it, but if you have no mastery and you wear something that’s Heavy Armor, you’ll be weighed down so much that you basically won’t be able to move.
No matter how high your defenses are, if you can’t move then you’re dead.
In other words, the benefit of armor mastery is that you can handle heavier armor and have more mobility while wearing armor.
Light and cloth armor often give benefits to magic power and evasion power.

And while we’re talking about other skills… I’ll also explain the [Cooking] skill.
In this game, there’s both [Hunger] and [Thirst].
If your Hunger bar runs dry, you lose HP, and if you’re too Thirsty then you lose MP.
Dealing with this is as simple as eating and drinking.
Thus, even I went to purchase some bread and water from an NPC.
They both cost only 5 Glows each so there’s no need to be stingy.
I mean, if you get too stingy with food you’ll literally die…
The penalty for death is a 30 point reduction in all stats and -33% durability on all equips.
If an equip’s durability reaches 0% from this, then it’ll be destroyed.

Anyways, that’s my long explanation. I’ve arrived at the field area.
Well then, I guess it’s time to hunt!… I really am just a happy guy right now.

[The first day… it’s as sweet as I expected!]

I sighed. The players in front of me…

[Ha! Burn and die, you!!]
[You’re my prey!!]
[You over there and here, you’re both dead! Haha!]
[Come on, bring on the next wave! These weaklings aren’t enough for me!]

The scene could only be described with the word “pandemonium”.
These guys are pretty wild, I thought as I stood there with my arms crossed, watching.

[Well ~ It’ll be like this for the first few days.]

Said a girl’s voice from behind me.
A precious soul who would talk to the bow-encumbered me.
Finally, my first real conversation.

[Right? Everyone’s in such a frenzy.]

[Yeah it’s really like that ~~ Trying to get in a bit of hunting before night sets in ~~]

Huh? Night?

[Um, can I ask a question? Is there a day and night in this game?]

[Ah ~ ? There’s already been one night, you know ~ ?]

[I was in the training arena and then I logged out, so I didn’t know.]

[Ahhh ~ I see ~]

The girl explained that there’s a repeating cycle of 3 hours of daytime and 2 hours of nighttime.
When night falls, vision is decreased and monsters become a bit harder to deal with.
The countermeasures are Light Magic’s Level 10 [Light], Fire Magic’s Level 15 [Torch], and Dark Magic’s Level 30 [Night Vision].
I guess I better level up my farsight skill.
It’s important for the ranger class to have farsight and night vision.

[I see, so basically it’ll be this wild until nighttime.]

[Yep, probably ~]

Well, there’s nothing I can do about it.
In that case, I better find something else to do for now.

[Thanks a lot for telling me about this!]

[No prob~! I’m Miri, wanna be friends~?]

How do I put it… she’s really carefree huh.
Well, it’s good to make new friends.

[My name’s Earth, nice to meet you.]

[Nice to meet you too ~]

After registering as friends, the girl called out [I’m heading back to town ~] as she left.

I left the field to try to find some herbs.
Activating my farsight ability, I left the hunting people to go collect some Unidentified Herbs.
Why are they called Unidentified Herbs? Well…

[Effect Unknown…]

So that’s why. It could be helpful or dangerous. Basically in the game you can’t just pick up an item and know what it is unless you’re a pro identifier. [TN: The second sentence here is トル○コでも、シレ○でもいい, I have almost no idea what it means so I just guessed. Game lingo too hard for me :(]
After you get an item, don’t know what type of item it is.
Although, it seems pretty unlikely that there’d be dangerous herbs in a beginning field… right?
Anyways I hope so, since I’m gonna pick herbs until nightfall.

Night. A ton of players returned back to town, selling their monster drops and eating. I crouched down by some stairs in a corner and began identifying my herbs.
Although you can’t tell what a herb is from first glance, if you look at it for a while then its true identity will be revealed.
The reason is…

Medicine Lv 3.

It seeems like, by having the medicine skill, you can identify herbs. I got to level 2 and then 3, and then realized I could recognize antidote herbs and poisonous herbs.
It suddenly felt really stuffy, though I was holding just a single herb.

> Suffocation Plant.

> If you eat this, you’ll stop breathing immediately and die.
> This should definitely not be eaten!

> Herb Item

Wow… that’s a super dangerous herb! What were you thinking, administrators?? I can’t be the only one who thinks this is crazy, right?

After identifying the herbs I tried making some potions.
I went to the potion shop across the street and bought an alchemy set that I could carry.
It cost 400 Gold. You start with 1500 Gold. Since the inn charges 10 Gold a night, I currently have 1080 Gold.
The other 10 Gold I had spent on food.
Those are necessary expenses so it can’t be helped.

I learned how to make potions.
Crush the herbs > Blend it with distilled water and add heat > Done!
Looks like it’s that simple.
Although it feels like if you mess it up then you’ve wasted a lot of time.
That’s the feeling I get from potion-making.

> Common Healing Potion.
> The basis of all healing items. Recover 11% of HP.

In this game if you make a potion successfully once then you can use up the rest of your ingredients all together for the rest of the potions. So, I turned all my herbs into potions.
I also made some antidote potions, although I don’t think I’ll need them yet.
My Steady Fingers skill also increased as I kept making more potions.
As for the poisonous herb and suffocation herb, I can’t use them yet.
I’m don’t meet the requirements, that’s why.

From the antidote herb, I got this item:

> Common Anti-Poison Potion
> The weakest antidote potion. Failure rate increases when dealing with stronger poisons.

By the way, there’s a potion merchant in town.
I’ll go sell my potions to him for some money.
Actually, it looks like my potions are 1% stronger so I might keep them. I think I’ll keep the antidote potions too, I might need them!

I’ve leveled up my medicine skill a bit, so I think it’s fine to stop here for today…
I went to the inn and logged out, and got ready to sleep in real life too.
I bet my colleagues are gonna be out all night again.

Archery Lv 5
Kicking Lv 5
Farsight Lv 4
Wind Magic Lv 5
Crafting Lv 3
Cooking Lv 1
Woodworking Lv 1
Medicine Lv 7
Stealth Lv 1
Physical Ability Lv 5

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