Ice Magic 003 – Divine Power

With Ice Magic, I Shall Conquer the World

Chapter 3: Divine Power

TN: It’s been a while since the last chapter and I don’t like looking back and forth between chapters so some naming might have slight changes.

ALSO I CHANGED THE TRANSLATED NAME OF THE NOVEL. I didn’t really like what it was before, I think it sounds better now lol.

I left Vizend Cave and thought about what to do next as I walked across the grassy plains.
With this kind of power, conquering the world should be easy, right?

The power of the [Magic] of legends.
The one and only [Divine Power] that I had read about in fairy tails as a kid.

[Kuku…kukuku….! Kuhahahahahaha!!]

The power was now mine.
There was no rush.
It’s fine to make my power known to the world slowly.
Slowly, and deliberately.
Until now, I had suffered pain and anguish, the hatred of others.
Little by little.
It’s too boring to show off all my power at once.
With the composure and grace of a king, I shall reveal my strength.
So that my [Terrible Strength] shall permeate the hearts of everyone in the world.

I took out the [Sleepy Rabbit’s Violet Pelt] that I had torn from the Sleepy Rabbit.
I did it for the quest, but I don’t need it now, although it’s a good way to pass the time.
I can show off my power anytime.
Heck, I don’t have the slightest worry in the world now.
I have [Understanding] of everything, and have everything.
It’s fine to bring this knowledge and power into [Shape] later–.

[How long has it been since I’ve had this fresh feeling?…]

I looked up at the sky and took a deep breath.
I saw a [Big Winged Raven] soaring across the sky gracefully as it crowed.


With just one muttered word, the Big Winged Raven stopped moving.
As expected.
This power can work across any distance… interesting.
Even though I have total comprehension of my power, it’s still a different feeling when you actually use it.
I don’t know if I really need to practice this power to master it.
It’s as if a huge [Manual] on the power has been imprinted into my head.
Everything has already been explained to me, and I’m fully able to use the power.

[The sky, huh… I wonder what the world looks like from up there.]

Humankind still cannot fly.
Even with [Skills], only bird-type monsters and insect-type monsters can actually fly.
I wonder if I can fly too now.
According to my internal [Manual], I think I can.
I guess it’s worth a shot.

I raised my right arm towards the Big Winged Raven frozen in the sky.
From my arm bursted a storm of icicles shooting upwards.
The icicles reached the bird and utterly destroyed it.
Piercing into the center of the bird, the raw materials were retrieved.
<<Big Winged Raven’s Innards>>
The red heart glistening in the middle of the lump is a rare commodity in crafting stores.
After all, even the best archers have trouble hunting the [Big Winged Raven].
But my power can hunt them easily—.

[Should I give it to Miria?…]

Now that I think about it, I’ve never given her a present.
Well, it’s not like I really had the money to buy anything.
Before going to the guild, I’ll stop by the crafting store.

I took my time heading back to town.
It was almost dusk, so most stores were closed.

I knocked on the door of the crafting store.
After many knocks, it seemed like there was still response. Finally, the shop owner Booker’s face appeared

[Good grief, who is it at this time… Oh, it’s just you, Krell… what do you want?]

Booker spoke with clear displeasure.
This morning, I wouldn’t have known how to respond, but I’m different now.

[My bad. I just have a little job for you.]

[Job?? Then come back tomorrow. Are you blind? Can you not see this [CLOSE] sign?]

With a small knock on the sign, Booker turned back, closing the door.
I stuck my foot into the crack of the door.

[I need you to do it now. Even you don’t see this very often, do you?]

I took out the [Big Winged Raven’s Innards] and handed it to Booker.
Staring at the item with a fixed gaze, Booker looked at me with a serious face and asked me a question.

[… You, where did you get this?]

[Well, I’ll tell you after you finish.]

[… Hmph, alright. I’ll do it.]

Finally understanding, Booker opened the door, letting me into the room.
He led me through the cluttered room to a side room.
On the table inside there was a bottle of whiskey.
So he drinks?
I wonder if that’s a hindrance to his job?
I sat down on the closest chair.

[This is the real deal, huh?]

[You’re a craftsman, aren’t you? Shouldn’t you be able to tell?]

As I spoke, Booker took another swig of his whiskey and stared intently at the innards.

[… Hmph. Well, even if it’s genuine it’s not like the shop is open for business right now. Leave it here and come back in a couple days and I’ll refine
it for you. It’ll cost 25000G though.]

Booker set down the innards on the table and smirked.
We both know that I don’t have that kind of money.

(He really is a piece of trash, huh…)

I thought about it.
I could kill him now, but it’d be too boring.
I looked through my mental [Manual].
Inside, there was one technique that looked like it could be helpful.

(Well, I’ll try it…)

I raised a finger and pointed it at Booker’s forehead.
He was already unsteady from the whiskey.
I touched his forehead.
Then, I used [Magic].


From my fingertips, small particles of ice flowed out and entered Booker’s head through the pores in his forehead.
The ice entered his blood vessels, and traveled within his blood.
Within my mind, I could clearly see every inch of his filthy body.
Following the flow of his alcohol-filled blood, I penetrated his brain.

[Listen up, craftsman. Don’t make me pay a fee. Alright?]

[… A-ah… ah… okay.]

Following my orders, Booker picked up the innards and headed to his workstation.
Looks like it worked.
By using tiny ice particles to infiltrate their brains, I can give direct orders to people.
Thanks to this technique, I was able to get the job done without needing to kill someone unnecessarily.

[Kuku… That Booker had to listen to me… Heh…]

I couldn’t hold in the laughter anymore, and snickered.
I heard Booker begin working on the other side of the room.
Might as well wait here until he’s done.
I poked around his room and found some wine, and poured it into a glass.
It’s a really antique wine.
For an alcoholic like Booker it’s definitely worth hiding.
I wonder if it’s expensive?

I downed the glass in one go.
There was a nice aroma, and I felt my stomach heating up.
It’s been a long time since I’ve had wine.
For a freeloader like me, there was no chance for me to have any.

(Maybe I should go brainwash the maid at home and keep this wine for myself…)

I thought about it as I drank the second glass.
From now on, I’m the head of the house.
I wonder how Count Teremius will feel about it.
When he returns from his trip, the entire house will have changed—.

Little by little.
Little by little.
To the people around me, I want to make it look like I’m slowly gaining power.
And once I’ve gained the confidence of this neighborhood, I’ll take over [Everything].
My epic begins here.
Until I’ve engraved my name forever in history, I’ll keep up my act.

Because, with the power of a [God], I’ve become immortal—.

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