Black Healer 008 – The bed of my dreams

In Another World, I’m Called the Black Healer

Chapter 8: The bed of my dreams

TN: Surprise! Another chapter without a 5 month wait in between lol. Working on chapter 9 now actually, expect that soon too! I’m on a roll 😀 Vacations are the best 🙂

Good evening! It’s me, Kanzaki Misuzu.
Yes! Right now, I’m safe and sound inside a building.

The cart trail was long and winding, but it never branched off into separate roads, and finally I reached a house.
At the back of the home there was a cart storage area with a wagon parked inside. There were also stables, and I could hear the sounds of horses.

It’s already sunset so it’s getting dark, but there aren’t any lights on inside the house. (I have the [Light] spell so it’s OK)
I knocked and called out, but no one responded so I quietly opened the door and found that there wasn’t even a lock on it.

I timidly took a peek inside, and saw a simple but clean room.

It didn’t seem to have that “lived-in” feeling, so rather than a home, it felt more like a lodge.
Maybe it’s just a hut for travelers in the forest to spend the night.

[Excuse me–. Pardon my intrusion–.]

I knew there was no-one inside after having used [Search] but since it was still someone else’s house I felt I should still say it. I didn’t know how to turn on the lights so I used [Illuminate] to summon an orb of light and made it float near the ceiling.

Upon entry I was in the connected dining room and living room, and inside was a kitchen. There was a door in the kitchen, and another door in the living room, and I went to go check that one out first.

Behind the door was a spacious room. There were four beds lined up inside with a little space between them.

[It’s a bed! A bed! The bed of my dreams–]

Seeing the bed, I felt all my fatigue of the day catching up to me, and I tottered and collapsed on top of the bed.
It was the closest bed, near the wall. It felt kind of safe, I guess?

The bed definitely wasn’t the softest, but the sheets were clean and dry.

Anyhow, it seems that I’d managed to find a safe place to rest before it got really late into the night.
It’s too bad that it’s not a village, but there are horses here so there must be people caring for them.
Right now they aren’t here but I’m sure they’ll be back tomorrow. The horses need food, after all.

I barged in here without permission, and without any money, but I have a good reason, right? After all it’s impossible to sleep out in the forest with dangerous monsters roaming around.
I’ll say something like that. I’m in need.

I wanna sleep.
I took off my boots and rustled into bed. I didn’t have energy to tidy things up. I already logged out of lady mode.

“Mmm… I’m tired. [Menu]”

– Kanzaki Misuzu –
HP: 432/586
MP: 251/728

Species: Human
Age: 22
Job: Magician
Attributes: [Light] [Fire] [Water] [Earth] [Wind] [Null]
Skills: Search | Stealth
Title: [Traveler from another world]
Current status:

I used a lot of MP.
It wasn’t all used up from battle.

My boots were getting worn out, I had thought, so I’d casted some spells on my clothes and boots: [Repair], [Germ, Odor, and Stain Removal], and [Defense and Magic Defense UP].

I casted [Defense Membrane] in case of battle, and I didn’t want to deal with insects so I also used [Insect Repel].

[Search] and [Stealth] aren’t spells but it seems they use MP too.

When it had started getting dark, I casted [Light].

Also, before I entered the house, I casted [Self-Clean]. (TN: Literal: [Dust Removal & Impurity Removal]).

[Light], [Defense Membrane], [Insect Repel], [Search], [Stealth], and other support spells like that are all temporary effects, so I had to remember to recast them every once in a while, and I used some small healing spells too.

I wonder if I have enough mana left to use attack spells.

The status menu doesn’t show level, but it feels like I got a lot of experience today, like I’d leveled up.
My attack spells were getting stronger one by one, and my support spells were also getting more effective and lasting longer.

I’ll be walking all day tomorrow too, but I think I’ll be able to conserve some mana now that I’m more experienced.

“I’m hungry—”

I glanced over at the kitchen and saw a furnace there.
Not that I know how to use one.

Well, I can make fire with magic, but where will I cook?

Catch a bird or rabbit and kill it? Me? No no no no way no way no way.

Up until now I always loved to eat meat and fish.
The stuff I cooked was killed by someone, of course I know that, but that doesn’t mean I can kill those animals myself.
I love to eat KFC but if you asked me to catch a chicken, pluck its feathers, and cook it I’d be like “sorry, I can’t do that”.

…. probably.
If I don’t have anything to eat for a few more days, I think the hunger might be so unbearable that I would kill something to eat.
But right now I definitely can’t. Whether you call me a hypocrite, or a baby, no way means no way. (TN: the word used for hypocrite is translated literally as hypocrite or “wolf in sheep’s clothing”, neither of which makes a whole lot of sense in this context tbh, but I think it’s basically just referencing how she’s saying she can’t kill for food but she just admitted that if she were really hungry she still could).

Well luckily for me, the forest had a lot of trees with fruit on them, and after checking in the status menu that they were safe to eat raw, I had picked some and put them in my item box.

Those apple-like fruits were juicy and delicious.

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