Black Healer 009 – Things to consider

In Another World, I’m Called the Black Healer

Chapter 9: Things to conside

TN: H A P P Y N E W Y E A R S!!!!!! (it’s still afternoon December 31 here but close enough :P)


I really want to sleep now, but I guess I should first get a better understanding of my current circumstances.

While lazing about on the bed, I’ll consider the classic tropes of other-world adventures.

1. Are there people?
2. Can you understand the language?
3. Can you read the language?
4. Are black-haired, black-eyed people persecuted?
5. Are there monsters?
6. If you were summoned, then for what purpose?
7. The country or town’s name, currency, and other everyday knowledge necessary for living a normal life
8. How to return to Japan

#1 is obvious.
I haven’t actually met anyone yet, but there’s roads, carts, and houses.
There aren’t any cars, only carts, and based on the inside of this house it feels kind of like medieval Europe.

2, 3, and 4 are still unknown. 7 and 8 are things to think about later.

5. Monsters exist. I’m really lucky I didn’t meet a final boss monster before getting used to battle.
Around here there’s only been weak monsters, but maybe there’ll be stronger ones in the future.

Quickly getting used to battle.
Quickly getting used to killing things.

Before long I’ll have gained a lot of experience in these things.

As for #6. Summoning. That’s probably the most important thing.

The [Arm] that dragged me into the black fog.
Since that seems to be the culprit of my other-world trip, someone must have summoned me, right?
So, why was I left alone by the road?

1. They looked at me and decided was useless, or they got the wrong person and threw me away.
2. Something got messed up in the summoning, and accident or a mistake, and I ended up in the wrong place.

If they threw me out then there’s no problem. It’s better than being killed, so thanks.
I’ll keep on living on my own, so just forget about me please.

The problem is if they made a mistake or there was an accident.

Normally the reasons for being summoned are like “Kill the Demon King”, “Marry the King”, “Sacrifice”, “Miko”, all kinds of things like that. (TN: miko = shrine maiden)
Regardless of the reason, summoning takes time and effort so they’re probably searching for me now.

I really don’t want to go.
No matter the reason, I don’t want to get involved in something troublesome.

After all I’m just a normal person with no battle ability. Totally unfit to be a hero.

Kanzaki Misuzu, age 22. It’s embarassing, but I haven’t had any “experience” with men.
I’ve had a few boyfriends, but we always had our differences and the relationships faded away before we even kissed.

“Miko” and “Sacrifice” feel like the most likely possibilities.
If it’s “Miko” then I’ll be locked up in a temple and forced to pray to a god I don’t believe in, and if it’s “Sacrifice” then I’ll be killed immediately.
“Sacrifice” is scary–.

Being burned alive on a sacred ground, buried alive as a human sacrifice, having my blood extracted for black magic, being fed to a dragon or giant serpent, things like that?
“Marry the King” is an option too, but no matter how handsome or powerful they are, if it’s an unknown guy then it’s like, “no thank you”, but I could also end up getting locked up in a harem as a baby-making machine.

Waaa no way no way. I don’t want any of those results—.

That person who unreasonably summoned me here for whatever reason.
I really don’t want to meet that person.
Here’s hoping the summoner won’t ever see me. Let me be inconspicuous.

Using the coat as a blanket, I slowly stretched.

(Ah, by the way, the toilet is outside, although there’s no running water. It seems to be a pumping model like the ones you’d see on a mountain).

Today I moved around a crazy amount. How many years has it been since I walked so much?
Violence, and killing. It was super scary.

I hope I won’t have nightmares.

I put up my [Search] skill. Since I leveled it up a lot today, I’ll know immediately if something appears outside the building.
Whoever lives here might return.

Since I barged in here without any money, if the resident comes back I’d better get up and talk with them.
In case “black-eyed, black-haired people are persecuted”, I’d better have my coat on.

The scariest things are people.

After checking that [Search] was active, I fell asleep.

Yeah, I fell into a deep sleep.

–Yes. Such a deep sleep that I wouldn’t wake up to the [Search] alarm.

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