Black Healer 010 – First meeting with people from another world

In Another World, I’m Called the Black Healer

Chapter 10:Β First meeting with people from another world

TN: It’s been a (long) while! I’m still alive and well and I’m back with a new chapter πŸ™‚ I’ve been busy this summer helping a friend out on a fun multiplayer browser game, so I might not-so-subtly mention it in the next chapter’s TN if it’s ready for release. But if I do that it’ll mean I have another chapter translated so look forward to that too haha

This chapter contains a note from the author, I thought I’d translate it too:

> Thanks to you, this story has reached 1000 favorites.
> Thank you so much. I will continue diligently.

> The story finally has some new characters. Loneliness is over.

And a note from your friendly neighborhood translator: This is my first time translating magic/fantasy stuff so I’m struggling a bit with the words in Japanese and doing a bit of guesswork on stuff like “coordinate axis” and “border”, bear with me :P.Β  I know the manga translators used “magic circle” here instead of “coordinate axis” but the word used is 座標軸 and I’m not sure that it means magic circle. Maybe the manga had different text.


— side ??? — (TN: this is how it’s formatted – basically this convo is in an unknown other place)

“The magicians were annihilated?”

“Yes, 15 are dead. One is still barely breathing, but they are unlikely to be of any future use.”

“Did it cross the border?”

“Yes, that’s correct. I followed its magical power until the border.”

“Track it down by any means necessary. Crush it with as many magicians as you need.”

“I will hasten the analysis of the coordinate axis we recovered from the place where our magicians were destroyed. It should only take a little while longer.”


From for away I heard a “beep, beep, beep”.
What is that sound?

It feels like something important.
My consciousness is slowly floating back.

Suddenly the [Search] alarm burst into my mental screen. (TN: I think the implication is that she can see the markers in her mind, with her eyes closed.)
Two yellow markers. One pointing to the kitchen, one pointing right by my side.
Startled, I opened my eyes and saw a giant shadow.


I jumped up. I moved away too quickly and hit my head on the wall with a loud thud.

“You were sleeping so soundly until now, but surprisingly you got up with so much energy.”

I was frozen against the wall.

A bear. There’s a bear.

So tall I had to look up, huge shoulders, bulging arm muscle. Slightly wavy shoulder-length red hair.
Blue eyes. Deeply chiseled features and a really, really well-defined chin.
White armor, and a big body, he gave off the feeling of a knight.
A face that said “I’m crazy strong, baby”.

My first human encounter in this other world was with a wild ikemen. (TN: wild as in, giving off a feeling of wildness. ikemen (むケパン) = good-looking guy, roughly pronounced ee-kay-men)

Fortunately it seemed I could understand the red-haired guy.
I didn’t know the words I heard at all, but I could understand.

I have some kind of translation function. I’m relieved.

– Valerian Forest –
HP: 836/836
MP: 326/326

Species: Human
Age: 86
Job: Fantesma Kingdom | Blue Chivalric Order Second Division Commander
Attributes: [Fire] [Water]
Skills: Iaido Cut, Double Strike
Title: [Red Lion]
Current Status:

(TN: So I’ll go over some of the translations here. The guy’s name is ヴゑレγƒͺγ‚’γƒ³γƒ»γƒ•γ‚©γƒ¬γ‚Ήγƒˆ which is varerian foresuto, so Valerian Forest seems about as close as it gets despite being a really weird name. The kingdom is called γƒ•γ‚‘γƒ³γƒ†γ‚Ήγƒž which is fantesuma. Iaido is a Japanese martial art focusing on being able to draw your sword quickly and strike.)

Yep. Looks like this guy is pretty involved. 82 years old? No matter how you look at it, he can’t be older than his late 20s.
And [Red Lion], what the heck. What a chuuni. (TN: chuunibyou)
Anyways either way he’s no lion, he’s a bear for sure, a bear.

“Van. Don’t go surprising people like that.”

I held back a shriek as another man entered the room.

This one had light blue hair and blue eyes. His light blue hair was silky smooth and beautiful. It looked like it was shimmering.
He was wearing the same armor as the redhead. About the same height too. He was skinnier, but it was a toned slenderness that showed plenty of strength.
If the redhead is a wild ikemen, then this guy is a cool beauty type.

– Alucian Mica –
HP: 797/797
MP: 360/360

Species: Human
Age: 82
Job: Fantesma Kingdom | Blue Chivalric Order Second Division Commander
Attributes: [Water] [Wind]
Skills: Ice Flower Dance
Title: [Prince of Ice]
Current Status:

(TN: Woo more translation of fantasy names! γ‚’γƒ«γ‚·γ‚’γƒ³γƒ»γƒžγ‚€γ‚« = arushian maika, Alucian is pretty much the best way to anglicize arushian and for the other part I went with Mica, pronounced like the normal name “Micah”. Prince of Ice is technically “young noble of ice” but “Prince” sounds way better I think)

This guy has a chuuni title too!!
And he’s beautiful. How can he be in his 80s! What kind of crazy youth rejuvenation routine is that?

“So you’ve woken up.
Sorry about my friend startling you. If it’s OK with you, we can have breakfast together.”

Breakfast! Breakfast, madam!
That’s super OK with me. I want to join in.

“Oi, is that OK? She looks half-asleep still.”

I was still stuck on the wall, so the redhead reached out a hand and grabbed me by the head.
Mhm, I was plucked off the wall, by the head.

“I’m awake. It’s OK.”

It wasn’t Japanese, but I had no problem saying it.
It looked like I could translate in my head in real-time. Mysterious words were coming out of my mouth miraculously.

“Is that so. Then, this way please.”

As the blue-haired beauty led me out of the room, I glanced back and saw that 2 of the beds near mine had luggage on them. Uwaa, were we sleeping in the same room last night? I was fast asleep. Normally I would’ve woken up. [Search], do your job, or rather..
[Search] was working fine, it’s more like, my own danger detection ability, work harder!

Feeling totally uncomfortable, I called out “I’m gonna go wash up!” and headed outside.

Stupid, stupid me – forget about same house, these people came to sleep in the same room and I didn’t even wake up!
How could you let this happen, Kanzaki Misuzu.
Even though I went through a whole bunch of crazy stuff and was totally exhausted, it’s still a total failure from me.
I’m glad that they were friendly people. If they were evil folks I might even be dead by now.

Anyways, that was my little self-reflection on tiny mistakes that could cost me my life…

My first meeting with other-world people thankfully occurred peacefully.
We speak the same language, and it they had no reaction to my black hair and black eyes so my worries are relieved there.

As for their status.
It definitely looks like both of them are knights from the Fantesma Kingdom.
I guess it’ll be nice if we’re in this Fantesma Kingdom right now, then?
Judging by their full suits of armor, it looks like they’re on duty right now.

How much of my situation will I have to explain to them?

After all, they’re knights.
They’ll surely notice if I tell some bad lies.

And if it sounds like I’m only telling half the truth, I’ll totally look suspicious and they’ll probably throw me in jail.
Well, for now, I just won’t bring up the subject, and I’ll try to limit what I have to say.

If it’s possible, they could maybe take me to the nearest town.
And they could teach me about this world.

Well, that’s that for now.
Next up is breakfast. Right.

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