Black Healer 010 – First meeting with people from another world

In Another World, I’m Called the Black Healer

Chapter 10: First meeting with people from another world

TN: It’s been a (long) while! I’m still alive and well and I’m back with a new chapter 🙂 I’ve been busy this summer helping a friend out on a fun multiplayer browser game, so I might not-so-subtly mention it in the next chapter’s TN if it’s ready for release. But if I do that it’ll mean I have another chapter translated so look forward to that too haha

This chapter contains a note from the author, I thought I’d translate it too:

> Thanks to you, this story has reached 1000 favorites.
> Thank you so much. I will continue diligently.

> The story finally has some new characters. Loneliness is over.

And a note from your friendly neighborhood translator: This is my first time translating magic/fantasy stuff so I’m struggling a bit with the words in Japanese and doing a bit of guesswork on stuff like “coordinate axis” and “border”, bear with me :P.  I know the manga translators used “magic circle” here instead of “coordinate axis” but the word used is 座標軸 and I’m not sure that it means magic circle. Maybe the manga had different text.


— side ??? — (TN: this is how it’s formatted – basically this convo is in an unknown other place)

“The magicians were annihilated?”

“Yes, 15 are dead. One is still barely breathing, but they are unlikely to be of any future use.”

“Did it cross the border?”

“Yes, that’s correct. I followed its magical power until the border.”

“Track it down by any means necessary. Crush it with as many magicians as you need.”

“I will hasten the analysis of the coordinate axis we recovered from the place where our magicians were destroyed. It should only take a little while longer.”


From for away I heard a “beep, beep, beep”.
What is that sound?

It feels like something important.
My consciousness is slowly floating back.

Suddenly the [Search] alarm burst into my mental screen. (TN: I think the implication is that she can see the markers in her mind, with her eyes closed.)
Two yellow markers. One pointing to the kitchen, one pointing right by my side.
Startled, I opened my eyes and saw a giant shadow.


I jumped up. I moved away too quickly and hit my head on the wall with a loud thud.

“You were sleeping so soundly until now, but surprisingly you got up with so much energy.”

I was frozen against the wall.

A bear. There’s a bear.

So tall I had to look up, huge shoulders, bulging arm muscle. Slightly wavy shoulder-length red hair.
Blue eyes. Deeply chiseled features and a really, really well-defined chin.
White armor, and a big body, he gave off the feeling of a knight.
A face that said “I’m crazy strong, baby”.

My first human encounter in this other world was with a wild ikemen. (TN: wild as in, giving off a feeling of wildness. ikemen (イケメン) = good-looking guy, roughly pronounced ee-kay-men)

Fortunately it seemed I could understand the red-haired guy.
I didn’t know the words I heard at all, but I could understand.

I have some kind of translation function. I’m relieved.

– Valerian Forest –
HP: 836/836
MP: 326/326

Species: Human
Age: 86
Job: Fantesma Kingdom | Blue Chivalric Order Second Division Commander
Attributes: [Fire] [Water]
Skills: Iaido Cut, Double Strike
Title: [Red Lion]
Current Status:

(TN: So I’ll go over some of the translations here. The guy’s name is ヴァレリアン・フォレスト which is varerian foresuto, so Valerian Forest seems about as close as it gets despite being a really weird name. The kingdom is called ファンテスマ which is fantesuma. Iaido is a Japanese martial art focusing on being able to draw your sword quickly and strike.)

Yep. Looks like this guy is pretty involved. 82 years old? No matter how you look at it, he can’t be older than his late 20s.
And [Red Lion], what the heck. What a chuuni. (TN: chuunibyou)
Anyways either way he’s no lion, he’s a bear for sure, a bear.

“Van. Don’t go surprising people like that.”

I held back a shriek as another man entered the room.

This one had light blue hair and blue eyes. His light blue hair was silky smooth and beautiful. It looked like it was shimmering.
He was wearing the same armor as the redhead. About the same height too. He was skinnier, but it was a toned slenderness that showed plenty of strength.
If the redhead is a wild ikemen, then this guy is a cool beauty type.

– Alucian Mica –
HP: 797/797
MP: 360/360

Species: Human
Age: 82
Job: Fantesma Kingdom | Blue Chivalric Order Second Division Commander
Attributes: [Water] [Wind]
Skills: Ice Flower Dance
Title: [Prince of Ice]
Current Status:

(TN: Woo more translation of fantasy names! アルシアン・マイカ = arushian maika, Alucian is pretty much the best way to anglicize arushian and for the other part I went with Mica, pronounced like the normal name “Micah”. Prince of Ice is technically “young noble of ice” but “Prince” sounds way better I think)

This guy has a chuuni title too!!
And he’s beautiful. How can he be in his 80s! What kind of crazy youth rejuvenation routine is that?

“So you’ve woken up.
Sorry about my friend startling you. If it’s OK with you, we can have breakfast together.”

Breakfast! Breakfast, madam!
That’s super OK with me. I want to join in.

“Oi, is that OK? She looks half-asleep still.”

I was still stuck on the wall, so the redhead reached out a hand and grabbed me by the head.
Mhm, I was plucked off the wall, by the head.

“I’m awake. It’s OK.”

It wasn’t Japanese, but I had no problem saying it.
It looked like I could translate in my head in real-time. Mysterious words were coming out of my mouth miraculously.

“Is that so. Then, this way please.”

As the blue-haired beauty led me out of the room, I glanced back and saw that 2 of the beds near mine had luggage on them. Uwaa, were we sleeping in the same room last night? I was fast asleep. Normally I would’ve woken up. [Search], do your job, or rather..
[Search] was working fine, it’s more like, my own danger detection ability, work harder!

Feeling totally uncomfortable, I called out “I’m gonna go wash up!” and headed outside.

Stupid, stupid me – forget about same house, these people came to sleep in the same room and I didn’t even wake up!
How could you let this happen, Kanzaki Misuzu.
Even though I went through a whole bunch of crazy stuff and was totally exhausted, it’s still a total failure from me.
I’m glad that they were friendly people. If they were evil folks I might even be dead by now.

Anyways, that was my little self-reflection on tiny mistakes that could cost me my life…

My first meeting with other-world people thankfully occurred peacefully.
We speak the same language, and it they had no reaction to my black hair and black eyes so my worries are relieved there.

As for their status.
It definitely looks like both of them are knights from the Fantesma Kingdom.
I guess it’ll be nice if we’re in this Fantesma Kingdom right now, then?
Judging by their full suits of armor, it looks like they’re on duty right now.

How much of my situation will I have to explain to them?

After all, they’re knights.
They’ll surely notice if I tell some bad lies.

And if it sounds like I’m only telling half the truth, I’ll totally look suspicious and they’ll probably throw me in jail.
Well, for now, I just won’t bring up the subject, and I’ll try to limit what I have to say.

If it’s possible, they could maybe take me to the nearest town.
And they could teach me about this world.

Well, that’s that for now.
Next up is breakfast. Right.

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Black Healer 009 – Things to consider

In Another World, I’m Called the Black Healer

Chapter 9: Things to conside

TN: H A P P Y N E W Y E A R S!!!!!! (it’s still afternoon December 31 here but close enough :P)


I really want to sleep now, but I guess I should first get a better understanding of my current circumstances.

While lazing about on the bed, I’ll consider the classic tropes of other-world adventures.

1. Are there people?
2. Can you understand the language?
3. Can you read the language?
4. Are black-haired, black-eyed people persecuted?
5. Are there monsters?
6. If you were summoned, then for what purpose?
7. The country or town’s name, currency, and other everyday knowledge necessary for living a normal life
8. How to return to Japan

#1 is obvious.
I haven’t actually met anyone yet, but there’s roads, carts, and houses.
There aren’t any cars, only carts, and based on the inside of this house it feels kind of like medieval Europe.

2, 3, and 4 are still unknown. 7 and 8 are things to think about later.

5. Monsters exist. I’m really lucky I didn’t meet a final boss monster before getting used to battle.
Around here there’s only been weak monsters, but maybe there’ll be stronger ones in the future.

Quickly getting used to battle.
Quickly getting used to killing things.

Before long I’ll have gained a lot of experience in these things.

As for #6. Summoning. That’s probably the most important thing.

The [Arm] that dragged me into the black fog.
Since that seems to be the culprit of my other-world trip, someone must have summoned me, right?
So, why was I left alone by the road?

1. They looked at me and decided was useless, or they got the wrong person and threw me away.
2. Something got messed up in the summoning, and accident or a mistake, and I ended up in the wrong place.

If they threw me out then there’s no problem. It’s better than being killed, so thanks.
I’ll keep on living on my own, so just forget about me please.

The problem is if they made a mistake or there was an accident.

Normally the reasons for being summoned are like “Kill the Demon King”, “Marry the King”, “Sacrifice”, “Miko”, all kinds of things like that. (TN: miko = shrine maiden)
Regardless of the reason, summoning takes time and effort so they’re probably searching for me now.

I really don’t want to go.
No matter the reason, I don’t want to get involved in something troublesome.

After all I’m just a normal person with no battle ability. Totally unfit to be a hero.

Kanzaki Misuzu, age 22. It’s embarassing, but I haven’t had any “experience” with men.
I’ve had a few boyfriends, but we always had our differences and the relationships faded away before we even kissed.

“Miko” and “Sacrifice” feel like the most likely possibilities.
If it’s “Miko” then I’ll be locked up in a temple and forced to pray to a god I don’t believe in, and if it’s “Sacrifice” then I’ll be killed immediately.
“Sacrifice” is scary–.

Being burned alive on a sacred ground, buried alive as a human sacrifice, having my blood extracted for black magic, being fed to a dragon or giant serpent, things like that?
“Marry the King” is an option too, but no matter how handsome or powerful they are, if it’s an unknown guy then it’s like, “no thank you”, but I could also end up getting locked up in a harem as a baby-making machine.

Waaa no way no way. I don’t want any of those results—.

That person who unreasonably summoned me here for whatever reason.
I really don’t want to meet that person.
Here’s hoping the summoner won’t ever see me. Let me be inconspicuous.

Using the coat as a blanket, I slowly stretched.

(Ah, by the way, the toilet is outside, although there’s no running water. It seems to be a pumping model like the ones you’d see on a mountain).

Today I moved around a crazy amount. How many years has it been since I walked so much?
Violence, and killing. It was super scary.

I hope I won’t have nightmares.

I put up my [Search] skill. Since I leveled it up a lot today, I’ll know immediately if something appears outside the building.
Whoever lives here might return.

Since I barged in here without any money, if the resident comes back I’d better get up and talk with them.
In case “black-eyed, black-haired people are persecuted”, I’d better have my coat on.

The scariest things are people.

After checking that [Search] was active, I fell asleep.

Yeah, I fell into a deep sleep.

–Yes. Such a deep sleep that I wouldn’t wake up to the [Search] alarm.

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Black Healer 008 – The bed of my dreams

In Another World, I’m Called the Black Healer

Chapter 8: The bed of my dreams

TN: Surprise! Another chapter without a 5 month wait in between lol. Working on chapter 9 now actually, expect that soon too! I’m on a roll 😀 Vacations are the best 🙂

Good evening! It’s me, Kanzaki Misuzu.
Yes! Right now, I’m safe and sound inside a building.

The cart trail was long and winding, but it never branched off into separate roads, and finally I reached a house.
At the back of the home there was a cart storage area with a wagon parked inside. There were also stables, and I could hear the sounds of horses.

It’s already sunset so it’s getting dark, but there aren’t any lights on inside the house. (I have the [Light] spell so it’s OK)
I knocked and called out, but no one responded so I quietly opened the door and found that there wasn’t even a lock on it.

I timidly took a peek inside, and saw a simple but clean room.

It didn’t seem to have that “lived-in” feeling, so rather than a home, it felt more like a lodge.
Maybe it’s just a hut for travelers in the forest to spend the night.

[Excuse me–. Pardon my intrusion–.]

I knew there was no-one inside after having used [Search] but since it was still someone else’s house I felt I should still say it. I didn’t know how to turn on the lights so I used [Illuminate] to summon an orb of light and made it float near the ceiling.

Upon entry I was in the connected dining room and living room, and inside was a kitchen. There was a door in the kitchen, and another door in the living room, and I went to go check that one out first.

Behind the door was a spacious room. There were four beds lined up inside with a little space between them.

[It’s a bed! A bed! The bed of my dreams–]

Seeing the bed, I felt all my fatigue of the day catching up to me, and I tottered and collapsed on top of the bed.
It was the closest bed, near the wall. It felt kind of safe, I guess?

The bed definitely wasn’t the softest, but the sheets were clean and dry.

Anyhow, it seems that I’d managed to find a safe place to rest before it got really late into the night.
It’s too bad that it’s not a village, but there are horses here so there must be people caring for them.
Right now they aren’t here but I’m sure they’ll be back tomorrow. The horses need food, after all.

I barged in here without permission, and without any money, but I have a good reason, right? After all it’s impossible to sleep out in the forest with dangerous monsters roaming around.
I’ll say something like that. I’m in need.

I wanna sleep.
I took off my boots and rustled into bed. I didn’t have energy to tidy things up. I already logged out of lady mode.

“Mmm… I’m tired. [Menu]”

– Kanzaki Misuzu –
HP: 432/586
MP: 251/728

Species: Human
Age: 22
Job: Magician
Attributes: [Light] [Fire] [Water] [Earth] [Wind] [Null]
Skills: Search | Stealth
Title: [Traveler from another world]
Current status:

I used a lot of MP.
It wasn’t all used up from battle.

My boots were getting worn out, I had thought, so I’d casted some spells on my clothes and boots: [Repair], [Germ, Odor, and Stain Removal], and [Defense and Magic Defense UP].

I casted [Defense Membrane] in case of battle, and I didn’t want to deal with insects so I also used [Insect Repel].

[Search] and [Stealth] aren’t spells but it seems they use MP too.

When it had started getting dark, I casted [Light].

Also, before I entered the house, I casted [Self-Clean]. (TN: Literal: [Dust Removal & Impurity Removal]).

[Light], [Defense Membrane], [Insect Repel], [Search], [Stealth], and other support spells like that are all temporary effects, so I had to remember to recast them every once in a while, and I used some small healing spells too.

I wonder if I have enough mana left to use attack spells.

The status menu doesn’t show level, but it feels like I got a lot of experience today, like I’d leveled up.
My attack spells were getting stronger one by one, and my support spells were also getting more effective and lasting longer.

I’ll be walking all day tomorrow too, but I think I’ll be able to conserve some mana now that I’m more experienced.

“I’m hungry—”

I glanced over at the kitchen and saw a furnace there.
Not that I know how to use one.

Well, I can make fire with magic, but where will I cook?

Catch a bird or rabbit and kill it? Me? No no no no way no way no way.

Up until now I always loved to eat meat and fish.
The stuff I cooked was killed by someone, of course I know that, but that doesn’t mean I can kill those animals myself.
I love to eat KFC but if you asked me to catch a chicken, pluck its feathers, and cook it I’d be like “sorry, I can’t do that”.

…. probably.
If I don’t have anything to eat for a few more days, I think the hunger might be so unbearable that I would kill something to eat.
But right now I definitely can’t. Whether you call me a hypocrite, or a baby, no way means no way. (TN: the word used for hypocrite is translated literally as hypocrite or “wolf in sheep’s clothing”, neither of which makes a whole lot of sense in this context tbh, but I think it’s basically just referencing how she’s saying she can’t kill for food but she just admitted that if she were really hungry she still could).

Well luckily for me, the forest had a lot of trees with fruit on them, and after checking in the status menu that they were safe to eat raw, I had picked some and put them in my item box.

Those apple-like fruits were juicy and delicious.

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Black Healer 007 – Deep into the Forest

In Another World, I’m Called the Black Healer

Chapter 7: Deep into the Forest

TN: Happy holidays and happy new year everyone! Hope you will all have a great 2017 🙂

In order to not get lost, I traveled by following the cart tracks.
If any monsters appeared on the way, I fought them.

After getting in so many battles, I noticed a couple things.
First of all, even though my spells mostly looked the same, they had different effects and MP (Mana) costs.

For example, [Blaze].
When I cast the spell, it creates a ball of fire, but by carefully thinking “I want it to be about this many, this big”, the power and MP cost would change. So something like “1 golf ball sized one, or 5 soccer ball sized ones”.

So basically the magic is like, “it feels kinda like this magic”, where you first think of what the spell should look like before using the incantation as a sort of trigger to cast it.
So the spells aren’t based so much on the actual incantation as they are on your image of the spell.
If you don’t have a strong image of the spell, then it’ll just collapse.

When I was attacked by 3 dog-like monsters, they approached me while growling and baring their fangs, so I scurried away, and because I was scared I couldn’t focus enough to cast a spell.
Anyways I got really tired so I feel asleep but it was like, “If you sleep you’re gonna be screwed!!” so I woke up suddenly after being found and shouted [Heal!].
Well it turns out heal doesn’t do anything against monsters, so then I shouted [Snooze] and the 3 dogs and a Goron fell asleep, to which I let out a dry laugh. (TN: Heal and Snooze here are written as Hoimi and Rariho- which are Dragon Quest spells according to Google. Goron might mean Golem but I’m not sure, Goron is something from Dragon Quest too.)

Because it seems like magic can do whatever you want as long as you visualize it well enough.

Seriously, I’m so grateful for my otaku life and chuunibyou up until now.
Thank you anime and RPGs! I’m glad that I know plenty of spells.

Also, and this is thanks to games as well, but after a battle in a game, even if you use super powerful flame spells, or use a giant meteor to destroy your enemies, or summon a Titan to tear up the earth, or a Leviathan to flood the area, at the end of the fight the battlefield goes back to normal.

With that image in mind, I managed to control the environmental damage of my spells, so that even with a burst of fire I wouldn’t burn any trees.
The only scorched areas nearby were from my first attempts to cast [Blaze].
At that time I didn’t understand how to properly cast a spell, and didn’t have a good image in mind, so I totally roasted the ground.

It was seriously convenient. Because magic seemed to be to be amazing.
No matter what, as long as you have a strong imagination you can win.
Viva my otaku life! I’m so happy to have indulged in fantasies for so long.

And finally, there was one more thing I noticed.
It’s easy enough to cast a spell when I can visualize it, but if I can’t imagine it, then the spell won’t work.

The monsters I attacked fought back viciously with anger, so if I had to cast a second spell it was while running away, and it was much harder to cast a spell in a hurry like that.

Looking at the status bar those monsters have way less HP than me, but it’s my life at risk so seeing those fangs coming at me is seriously scary.

Anyways, that’s why I tried to take everything down in one hit.
Preemptive strikes and one-hit KOs.
For a city-dwelling weakling like me, there’s no other way to stay alive.

Preemptive strikes and one-hit KOs.

With that goal in mind, it turned out that it wasn’t magic that was most useful to me, but skills.
The skills I had learned were [Search] and [Stealth].

I got the [Search] skill pretty quickly.
I heard some rustling in a bush and stood still listening, when suddenly in my ears I heard a “ping!”, and

– [Search] Skill Acquired –

appeared in front of my eyes.

When using [Search], I can hear kind of an alarm when a monster sees me, and I can see markers pointing to nearby enemies.
By looking at a marker for a little longer, I can see specific status information about the monster.
If a monster goes into battle mode, then the marker turns from yellow to red.
Basically, the yellow marker monsters are non-aggro, and the red marker monsters are aggro.

When I first got the skill, it could only detect within a 1 meter range, but as I continued using it and understanding how it worked, it grew in range and by evening it had about a 10 meter range.

[Stealth] was also easy to get.

I wanted to rest a bit, so I found a rock that was about as high as my waist and climbed on top to take a break, when suddenly I noticed a giant snake slithering nearby.
I thought “uwaaa I’m scared” and laid absolutely still, hoping it would just pass by, and that’s when I got [Stealth].

[Stealth] doesn’t only make you invisible, but also seems to conceal temperature and smell.
Although as expected it doesn’t hide sounds, so I still have to be careful about my footsteps.

By constantly using [Search] and [Stealth], it became much less common for monsters to catch sight of me first.
After seeing them first, I could just keep a safe distance and fire off some magic at them.

If it looked like I could pass by peacefully, then I’d be on my way, and if it looked like it was about to turn into a battle, then I would have a spell ready to cast the instant the marker turned red.

Anyways, it seemed that my “tofu mind” had mostly disappeared, and I wasn’t caught in so many life-threatening situations anymore as I safely continued my journey through the forest.

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Black Healer 006 – Better get moving

In Another World, I’m Called the Black Healer

Chapter 6: Better get moving

TN: Wow, it’s been a reaaaaally long time since my last post haha.
Anyways, I hope 2016 has been treating you all well! It’s been a really busy/hectic year for me but things are starting to settle down a bit. Maybe I will be able to translate more often in the future 🙂
For now enjoy this chapter! I’ll try to pump out at least a couple more before possibly disappearing again for a couple months lol. Or maybe I’ll be able to stick to this and do the translations more regularly, who knows?

I’ve also added a new comment system, Disqus 🙂 I think it’s cooler than the built-in WordPress comments and hope you guys will like it!

I kept careful watch on my surroundings so that I wouldn’t be caught off guard by monsters as I considered which way I should go.
These were my choices:

Go right on the highway
Go left on the highway
Go into the forest

The main benefit of the road is that it must lead somewhere, right?
The place I’m at right now is pretty high, so I can see the road stretching far to the left and right.
That is to say, I can see quite far into the distance.

But… even with my eyesight of 1.5 (TN: good vision), I can’t see any shops or buildings.

If there are any towns, they must be some distance away. It may be hours, or in the worst case, days, before I can get there.

As for the forest, there seems to be wheel tracks leading from the road deep into the forest, although the tracks are very light.
That is to say, people do go in and out of the forest. It’s even possible that there is a village in the heart of the forest.

If there is a town in the forest, it’s probably closer than anything I could find by taking the road.

After much hesitation, I decided to go towards the forest.

If I run out of MP, I’ll have to use a tree branch as a weapon, I thought, as I began walking to the forest.
MP is a limited resource, after all. If possible, I should try to drive away any enemies that appear with a branch.


My journey in forest had been going for about 2 hours.
And I, the great Kamisaki Misuzu, was totally exhausted.

The first enemy I encountered in the forest was a small tree stump monster.
Even though it wasn’t that slow, it didn’t look very scary so I was able to calmly cast [Blaze] and shot out a little fireball which killed it instantly.

If it’s like this, I should be able to manage. Or so I thought, but I was naive. I was totally unprepared for the hardships ahead.

After that, it totally sucked.
Listen, OK?

For the 22 years of my life, I led a peaceful and cultured lifestyle.
For a city kid like me, survival was unreasonable.

When I was in Japan, I could barely kill a mosquito with confidence.
If I came across a cockroach, even in the middle of the night, I’d wake up my dad or my older brother and get them to kill it.
As long as it was in the room I’d definitely hide outside.

Some people say butterflies are cute, but I don’t like them either.
City life banzai! Nothing beats a clean, air-conditioned room!

In other words… well, you get the idea.

Also, I couldn’t ignore my own morals while striking down enemies.

This forest seems to mostly have low level monsters, so the monsters I was attacking were all really small.

And they weren’t even ugly – they looked like baby bunnies or wildcats.

So, look.
Would you be able to hit a cat or a dog or a bunny?
If there’s a normal girl out there who likes beating up cats, please introduce me.

And it was even worse with insect-type monster.
I got so freaked out by them that I just couldn’t attack.

It was like, my body felt totally drained of energy.

Anyways the grasshopper-like insect was flying around, so to try to shoo it off I picked up a stick and waved it around but then I hit the bug by accident.
I could feel the bug’s body being crushed under my hand… ugya~gy&%$#+*!!!!!

I didn’t want to feel that kind of shock again so I threw my weapon (which was just a tree branch) away.

Which brings us to the subject of magic. I could kill using fire or ice.


With stuff like that I could burn.
And of course, I wouldn’t have to see a corpse!

As for ice…

[Ice Crash]
[Ice Dust]
[Frost Shatter] (TN: lit. “freeze and shatter”)

In an instant, the enemy would freeze up and then shatter into dust-like particles. There’s no corpse that way, either.

I didn’t chase after anything that ran from me.

There were normal animals in the forest too, like bunnies and foxes.
When they got too close to me, they would scurry away. So it was all OK.

On the other hand, monsters, no matter how weak, would attack me the moment they saw me.

Monsters were my enemy.
But like I said, I didn’t really want to kill them.

If they came at me, I had to fight. I’m too slow to be able to run away.
I didn’t want to die, so I had to kill.

I didn’t want to think about it too much, so I burned or shattered all the corpses.
Well, I know. It doesn’t really make a difference.

I, Kanzaki Misuzu, mind feeling like tofu, a reborn human, got to thoroughly experience the feeling of taking life away from a living thing. (TN: I’m blanking out right now on a better translation but the tofu part literally says “tofu mind”).

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Black Healer 005 – Time to try magic!

In Another World, I’m Called the Black Healer

Chapter 5: Time to try magic!

TN: wow surprise!! 2 chapters in 1 day :O

It’s all about magic. Magic.
If I can’t use magic, then I won’t be able to do anything here.

After checking my surroundings one more time to be sure I was safe, I tried to use magic.

I lifted my right arm and opened my hands, and spoke the name of a beginner spell in Dragon Quest.


*shiiiiinn~* (wind sounds)

Ugh. This is embarrassing.

Seriously. A 22 year old girl saying [Blaze] when she’s all alone.
It reminds me of that time my brother caught me in my room saying [Kamehameha!] when I was a little girl.

I’d better check the menu.


– Kanzaki Misuzu –
HP (Vitality): 586/586
MP (Spirit): 728/728

Race: Human
Age: 22
Title: [Traveler from Another World]


My MP didn’t change.
Did [Blaze] not count?
Can I not use magic? Or maybe, the [Blaze] incantation just doesn’t work.

It seems rather silly, but maybe I didn’t say it with enough of a fighting spirit?
I mean, it’s kind of embarrassing to say it loudly, you know…
I whispered because I didn’t really think about it.
Maybe it’s not enough to just say the words.

Fuu–. Haaa–.

Taking a deep breath helped me calm down.

First of all, I should think about how magic works.

It’s like those breathing exercises in yoga.
In the same way that you manage the flow of your body’s [Ki], the flow of magic should also be clearly visualized.
Gather the heat from my body and focus it in my hand, then release it.

The magic is what I want it to be. Flame.
In my head, I tried to visualize [Blaze].

The image of flames. A blazing, growing fire.

Without losing the image of fire, I raised my hand one more time.


The heat in my body gathered in a swirl around my hand, and shot out in one burst.


A surprisingly big flame burst forward.
In an instant, the grass was incinerated.

Too much!
I used magic, but I didn’t know my limits so I just let it all out.

Centered around where I stood, an area about as big as six rooms or so was totally scorched.
Wow-, sorry. I burned all this for no reason.
Luckily, the fire didn’t spread, and quickly went out. The fresh scent of the meadow was mixed with smoke.

I’ll check the menu again.


– Kanzaki Misuzu –
HP (Vitality): 586/586
MP (Spirit): 708/728

Race: Human
Age: 22
Occupation: Magician
Attributes: [Fire]
Title: [Traveler from Another World]


A few things changed. First, my MP. Looks like that fire ability costed 20 MP.
Also, my occupation became “Magician”. Is it because I can use magic?

My attribute is [Fire]. That refers to the type of spells I can use, right?

With this, it looks like I really can use magic.

My [Blaze] costed 20, right?
A smaller flame should use less.

My remaining 708 MP should last me a while, I hope.
If I were in Dragon Quest this level of MP would be end-game.

I kinda want to head to the nearest village.
I wonder how long it’ll take me to reach somewhere that’s safe.
If I run out of MP, it’ll be like having paper armor. I’ll have to use it sparingly and as efficiently as possible.

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Black Healer 004 – Next, I’d better check my clothes

In Another World, I’m Called the Black Healer

Chapter 4: Next, I’d better check my clothes

TN: Bit of a delay on this chapter even though it was short.

I got some serious consistency issues when it comes to translation speed T_T

Hopefully next chapter will come out faster, and then we’ll be off to new territory (since existing translations for this only went up to Ch 5)!

I stopped thinking so much about my family and felt better. Next, I started looking at my clothing situation.

Since the cold season starts in February in Japan, all I had was winter clothes.
I’m sensitive to the cold. The weather forecast said that it’d be below freezing, so today I made sure to really layer up.

I was wearing a long coat with a thick scarf, a sweater, a thick cotton skirt with tights and knee-high socks, and long boots.

My knee-high socks are only for protection for the cold, by the way. (TN: I think she means not for fashion)
My skirt goes below my knees, and since I’m also wearing long boots, you can’t even see my tights or socks.
After all, if your legs are chilly it’s easy to catch a cold.

Right now I don’t even know if this world has four seasons, but it’d be great if the temperature is nice.
I don’t know if they even exist, but I’ll pray to the Gods here for good weather.
Please, don’t let there be blizzards or tundras.

At any rate, this world feels rather warm. If I were to guess, I’d say it’s about 25 degrees. (TN: Celcius. That’s 77 degrees in freedom units.)
The clothes I’m wearing now are a bit too much, but until I know what kind of life I’m looking at here, it’ll be important to keep everything I have from Japan in pristine condition.

I took off my sweater, so that I was only wearing my undershirt. Well, it’s an undershirt, but really it looks like a T-shirt. Viva Uniqlo! (TN: Japanese clothing brand)
I’ll leave my skirt as it is for now.
I surveyed my surroundings again to be sure no one was around, and with a rustle I reached under my skirt and took off my socks and tights. I was a bit worried about being too exposed, so I put my socks back on.
My sweater, tights, and thick scarf went into my item box.

My coat had a hood with fake fur around the collar, and had a down lining. The hood could be detached for wearing the coat in the spring, so I did just that.
Since the sunlight was quite strong, I wanted to keep my coat on. The hood went into my item box.

Wearing a long-sleeved undershirt underneath my coat, I felt pretty hot even without the hood. But, at least I was covered from the sun, and the theme of [Black Eyed and Black Haired Character Hiding from being Found and Killed] is quite popular in the stories I’ve read.

Before I closed my item box, I gathered about 10 of the Agamena Grasses that I was standing on, and put them in my box too.

Great! Now I feel much lighter.

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Black Healer 003 – First, I’ll sort out my situation

In Another World, I’m Called the Black Healer

Chapter 3: First, I’ll sort out my situation

TN: Adventure time starting soon! (p.s. I haven’t actually read the manga so I have no idea what to expect lol)

When I thought, “I might be able to use magic”, I couldn’t help but get excited.

Because, you know.
As a totally normal Japanese college girl, it’s not like I ever needed survival skills.
Although I sometimes got into arguments with family and friends, I’d long since grown past the age of childlike brawls and lived a peaceful life.
Also, I have no athletic ability. It pains me to say it, but that’s the way it is.
And I suck at shooting games.
In PE class I always had to take paper tests to make up for my terrible physical ability.
I’m terrible at running too. “Marathon? Does it taste good?., is about the extent of my running knowledge.

I think I would die if I were even attacked by a stray dog.
And in this other world, there might even be goblins.

But. You know.

If I have magic, then my survival rate here will skyrocket. Or so I hope.

I listened to my surroundings.
Wind blowing. Trees rustling. Birds chirping.

It seems peaceful around here, but I could be attacked at any time so it’s important to be careful and not relax too much.

Since there’s nothing blocking my view from here, I can see 360 degrees around me. If monsters come, I’ll know immediately.

There’s a lot I want to think about.
But for now I should figure out what I can do. Alright, yep! I’ll fight. I’ll do my best!

Right now, what I understand is,

This seems to be a “Trip to Another World.”
I can see my own stats.
I know the name and uses of the Agamena Grass.
I can use magic.

That’s about it?

To start off, I’ll try out some stuff that’s typical in RPGs and “Other World” novels.

First of all, my winter clothes are too hot and heavy. I’ll see what I can do about it.

Please, let me figure it out. Amen.

I said [Item Box] with an air of prayer.

Upon which an empty space appeared in front of me!
(Eh? If it’s empty how come I can see it? I get it. There’s nothing there, but I can do [something] with it. That’s my guess, at least.)
All right! Hooray!
I can use my item box!

The bags I had with me before were gone. It looks like they didn’t get transported here.
And there was candy that my friend bought for me as a present. It looked really good, I’m sad to lose it.

I’ll see what’s in my coat pocket.

My smartphone and iPod are safely inside my pocket.
My phone is out of range. It looks like only a little time has passed since my last memory in Japan. Feburary 3rd, 2012, 00:25 (TN: 12:25AM).

If I’m not mistaken, time doesn’t pass in the item box, so there won’t be any detioriation.
I’ll leave the item box closed unless I really need it.

Game soundtracks, songs from my favorite artists, and everything from anime songs to classical music, are all stored in my iPod.
From now on, if I ever feel depressed or about to give up, I’ll definitely listen to my music.

On my phone, I have lots of photos thanks to the camera function. Family, friends, stuff like that.

Since I have no way to charge my phone or iPod, I’ll treat them with great care.

Both of them are very precious to me.
I carefully set them in my item box.

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Black Healer 002 – This seems to be another world

In Another World, I’m Called the Black Healer

Chapter 2: This seems to be another world

TN: Liking the story so far!

I woke up in a big field. I was sitting curled up.

My head was still dazed, like when you are forced awake while in a deep sleep.

It was bright. And hot.

There seemed to be a road around me. In front of me were gentle hills leading to a low mountain range, and behind me was the forest.
The road was cut into the grass, but was overgrown and not well maintained. But, there were wheel tracks, so there should be cars, right?
The tracks weren’t deep. They didn’t look like they were made from tires, so maybe it was actually a horse carriage.

The scenery of Mother Nature spread out as far as the eye could see. There were no signs of buildings or electric cables. The vast sky was bright and clear. I wonder how long it’s been since I’ve seen a sky uninterrupted by buildings. And of course, there was no sign of planes.

Ah. No good.
My head still feels numb.

In this dream-like scene with no signs of reality, I leisurely surveyed my surroundings.

The meadow I was sitting in was next to the road, and was covered with short grass.
There’s even some clovers. It’d probably be nice to take a nap here.

By the roadside were some tall flowers that looked like Japanese morning glories.
Well, they seem a little short for morning glories, I thought, as some words appeared in my head.


– Agamena Grass –
Stops Bleeding ~ Ointment
Boil and eat for small HP recovery
Use [Mixing] to create a potion
[Mix] with Moses Grass and Blue Dayflower to create an ether


This, well.. yeah. This is… yeah.
Words that seemed to be from a game picture appeared in my head on a screen.

Being sent into a game world is crazy, right?
Or rather, is this another world?

Well, I am surprised, but to tell the truth I can’t help but smile a bit.
I’ve finally shaken off my deep sleep and gotten a good sense of this reality.
Actually, my feelings of panic are even disappearing. I still feel dazed but I’m fully conscious now.

I was a university student. A university girl with her future job prospects locked in and a bit of an otaku side, happily awaiting graduation.
That was me, Kanzaki Misuzu.

I like novels of all genres, and love games.
I suck at shooting games, so I only play RPGs and Shoujo Games (TN: games designed for young girls).
Recently I’ve really gotten hooked on “Trip to Another World”-type stories, so I’ve read a bunch of them.

After falling into that fog, I entered a game or another world.

Since I could see the information on the Agamena Grass, I wonder if I can see my own stats?

Okay, uh. Menu? Status screen?
As I thought about what to say, a screen appeared again with a “ping~”.


– Kanzaki Misuzu –
HP (Vitality): 586/586
MP (Spirit) : 728/728

Race: Human
Age: 22
Title: [Traveler from Another World]


Well, there it is. [Traveler from Another World]. That’s it, isn’t it.

Speaking of which, since I’ve made a trip to another world am I a free agent? (TN: Not sure what FA means but I believe it’s either free agent or final answer)

For now, I should check out the status menu.

Status, if I get poisoned it’ll probably say [Poison] there.
Although, right now I feel like I’ve been hit by a Confusion spell. It should say [Misuzu is totally confused.]

Ahh, yeah. I’m already complaining. Sorry.
Occupation, Attributes, and Skills are all blank, but I guess I’ll acquire those at some point.

I haven’t met anyone yet so it’s hard to judge how good my amount of HP and MP is, but since I have MP I should be able to use magic. Yep, I’ve made it to another world!

Since my MP is higher than my HP, I wonder if I’ll be a magic user.
Magic is no problem for me. After all, I’m a gamer.
My speciality in Dragon Quest and Final Fantasy was remembering spell incantations.

All right, I’ll try it later.

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Black Healer 001 – Prologue

In Another World, I’m Called the Black Healer

Chapter 1: Prologue

TN: New series yay. Chapters are much shorter than the other stuff I’ve worked on, so it’s a lot easier to TL!

This series has a manga (and LN? not sure) adaptation, although not a lot has been translated.

A cold winter night.

I, Kanzaki Misuzu, was in high spirits.

I had just met with a friend I hadn’t seen a while to go to an anime song karaoke. We spent a long time chatting about a game we’re both addicted to, and I even received a present. The bar they recommended, a small hidden-away pub, was super good.

[Guu—, so cold!]
Walking out of the station, I glanced at my smartphone and saw that it was already nearly midnight.
We had talked for a really long time. I hadn’t planned to stay out so late, but I can just rest tomorrow.

As I walked, thinking about the game that we had talked about, the ground suddenly started rumbling and shaking.

The waves rippled through my body with great force.
“Earthquake?”, I thought, as I fell into a shadow.

Not just a shadow, total darkness.

There was no light, so it wasn’t a shadow, but rather some kind of complete darkness coming from a black fog.

I felt nauseous as staggered around heavy-headed, looking at my surroundings.
The darkness was deep, and I couldn’t tell if the place I was caught in was spacious or narrow, outside or indoors.

[What is this. What?]

Did I get super drunk? Or was there an earthquake?
No, that’s not it. What is this? Where is this?

In this crazy, dangerous situation my head started spinning and spinning, and I felt that I was about to snap, ready to scream.

Suddenly, an arm stretched out from the heart of the darkness and gripped my left arm.


The arm pulled hard, as if it were saying “Come here.”

No no no no no let go!
The arm stretched out from the darkness, and I couldn’t see anything else.
The arm, bright against the darkness, seemed like it came straight out of a horror movie.


I struggled frantically as I screamed.
I kicked out at where the body of the arm should be, but didn’t connect.

[Guaaaa! Let me go–!! Gyeeee!!]

As I let out strange screams that only I could understand, trying to escape the grasp of the arm, another arm shot out from the darkness and grabbed my right arm.

It began pulling me in the same direction.
I stretched my arms forward in vain, because I really didn’t want to go! Because it’s too gross! Too scary!
If I go in there, something bad is definitely going to happen. My danger sensor is going crazy.
It’s a terrible emergency. But, it’s hopeless.

This is a matter of life and death. I absolutely cannot lose.

Unable to move forward, I used the heel of my boots to dig into the ground so that I wouldn’t get pulled any further.

It’s the only way!
The two arms only grabbed onto my upper arm, so I can move my elbow a bit.

I continued struggling, about to lose my balance, trying to loosen the grip on my left arm using my right elbow.

Just a bit more.
Just a bit more, or so I thought. Two more arms manifested themselves, and jerked me backwards.

My precarious balance disappeared as I fell backwards.

The dragging arms.

Before I was engulfed in darkness, I saw the arms stiffen and stop pulling.
I tried to squirm out of their grasp, and just as I escaped their grip, I fell into the darkness.

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