Ice Magic 004 – My Beloved Little Sister

With Ice Magic, I Shall Conquer the World

Chapter 4: My Beloved Little Sister

TN: PRETTY IMPORTANT NOTE: It’s actually his little sister-in-law, I was just too lazy to write it all out and I think he views her as a real sister so it’s close enough.

Not as important note: This MC is a freaking psychopath lol. As always, sorry for the delay!

I was suddenly awoken by a voice.
It appears that I fell asleep from drinking too much wine.

[Look, I’m done.]

Booker, with sweat pouring down from his forehead, presented me with a red jewel.
It was refined into a clean polygonal shape, and its color was as red as blood.
[Violet Wendy].
That’s the name of the jewel that can be refined from the Big Winged Raven’s innards.

[Good job, Booker.]

I took the jewel, and patted him on the shoulder.
I dispelled the magic, and he fainted immediately.
I guess it’s a side effect of experience the [Power of God].
Since he did a decent job, it’s probably fine to let him rest a bit.

I left the store.
Looking through my mental [Manual], I checked again to see that there really were no more obstacles in my life.
I guess I’ll fully accept my power eventually.

I slowly walked in the town, and passed through the quiet town center, headed towards the guild.
There was a small light coming from the window.
Regza probably wasn’t even awake yet.

I’ll just report that my job is done and go home.

[Nn…? Ah, Krell, huh. You’re slow. So? Did you do the job?]

Regza sat behind the open door, lifting his face briefly to address me.
It looked like a really difficult book, but it totally didn’t look like it suited him.
I took out the [Sleepy Rabbit’s Purple Pelt] and tossed it onto the table.

[Ho… Looks like you actually managed to beat it. An easy one-shot when it’s asleep, right?]

Cackling, Regza took the raw materials and stamped his seal on the mission order.
I didn’t respond, and got ready to leave.

[Oi, wait a minute. Don’t you want your compensation?]

Regza stood there smirking at me, holding out the promised 500G compensation.
I looked over my shoulder at him.

[Ah, I don’t need the money. I even have money for drinks.]

Having said that, I pushed open the door.
But, Regza wasn’t about to let me leave.
His rugged, dirty hands grasped my shoulder, forcibly turning me around.

[Aah? The hell is up with your attitude? You think you’re real fancy just because you beat a Sleepy Rabbit?]

[Don’t. Touch. Me.]

I looked at him sharply.
It’d be pointless to kill him now.

I invoked the slightest amount of [Ice Magic].


The hand on my shoulder slowly began to freeze.
I don’t really want to destroy his arm.
It’d be a shame to only freeze a finger, though.

[Hii…! W-what’s this!? M-my.. my hand…!]

Quickly withdrawing his hand from my shoulder, Regza ran to the fireplace and thrust his hand into a bucket of hot water.
I couldn’t help but smile as I watched him.

[What is this…! How come it’s not melting…? Damnit! What the hell have you done to me, Krell!!?]

[What do you mean, Guild Leader? Weren’t you just grabbing onto my shoulder, sir? I didn’t do anything.]

I couldn’t conceal my grin as I replied.
His efforts were futile.
The ice wouldn’t disappear until I said so.
That is the power of [Magic].
It’s different from normal ice.

The ice slowly climbed up his arm, all the way to his elbow.
Before long, his entire arm was shrouded in ice.

At this rate his arm is going to fall off, won’t it?
If that happens, he’ll never be able to swing his greataxe again.
He’ll have no choice but to retire from being Guild Leader.
In that case, who would become the next Guild Leader?

[H-Help me, Krell! My arm…! My arm is…!]

Regza begged as he frantically tried to thaw his arm.
Just as his arm looked like it was about to come off, I felt the presence of someone entering the building.

(Who is it…? At this time of day…?)

The door opened a crack.
I considered for a second, and sighed.

[It’s your lucky day, Regza.]

I walked away from the door, stepping in front of Regza.
I pointed my finger at Regza’s completely frightened face.


Was he ready to die?
The frightened Regza had his eyes shut tightly like a scared baby.
I was satisfied with the situation, so I unfroze his arm.
Then, I pointed my finger at his forehead, and repeated the magic I had used on Booker.

[Forget about this incident. I successfully completed my assignment, and just came back. Alright?]

[…Ah, yes.]

Having received my orders, Regza headed to the door as if nothing had ever happened.

[Ah, Regza-san. Sorry for intruding at this late hour.]

[Ah, Miria-chan. What’s the matter?]

[Uuummmm, well my onii-chan (brother) hasn’t returned yet so I was wondering… Ah! Onii-chan!]

Miria raised her voice when she saw me inside the room.
I tried to conceal the smile on my face as I rushed to her.

[Sorry, Miria. I got back a while ago from my mission. I thought it’d probably be fine to report to the guild leader tomorrow but then I changed my mind since it’d be too troublesome.]

[Report…? Eh! Onii-chan, you’re giving reports now!? Amazing!]

Hearing my words, Miria was bursting with happiness.

Of course, Miria new that until now I had never been deemed worthy of giving reports.
Miria, who was able to be so happy for my own sake, was glowing almost too brightly for me to look directly at her.

[It must have been troublesome for Miria-chan to come all the way here. Why don’t you head home for tonight, Krell?]

Regza spoke in accordance with my orders.
His eyes were still unfocused.
He was nothing more than a [Puppet].

[Ah, if you say so. Let’s go, Miria.]


Lightly clutching the edge of my clothes, Miria began happily chattering about her day.
We’re only about 3 years apart, but when she talks like this she seems like a little kid.

As she talked, I began thinking.
If [Magic] could be manipulated by human beings, then people should be able to discover [True Feelings] as well, right?—.
In that case, I could understand the [True Feelings] behind this smiling face—?

(… Tonight, Count Teremius and his wife won’t be home. The maids will have already retired to their quarters. In the main manor it’ll just be me and Miria… The perfect situation to test out my power, huh.)

I wanted to know her true feelings.
This is something I always wished for.
Did she treat me with such kindness out of pity?
Or perhaps just because she was bored?

[—so anyways, I… Onii-chan? Are you listening?]

[Yeah, I’m listsening. And? What happened after that?]

[So you see, according to this kid, Reino-chan had a reason to be late—]

She continued recounting all the events of the day, starting from when she woke up.
Miria didn’t stop talking for even a second.
But, it’s not as if I don’t like listening to her talk.
Because I’m happy just listening, without even needing to think about her words.

Miria talked all the way home.
She was satisifed with my occasional responses to show that I was still listening.
Honestly, I was scared to find out her true feelings.

Maybe, depending on her reponse, I would—

—even though she’s my beloved little sister-in-law, I might have to kill her.

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Ice Magic 003 – Divine Power

With Ice Magic, I Shall Conquer the World

Chapter 3: Divine Power

TN: It’s been a while since the last chapter and I don’t like looking back and forth between chapters so some naming might have slight changes.

ALSO I CHANGED THE TRANSLATED NAME OF THE NOVEL. I didn’t really like what it was before, I think it sounds better now lol.

I left Vizend Cave and thought about what to do next as I walked across the grassy plains.
With this kind of power, conquering the world should be easy, right?

The power of the [Magic] of legends.
The one and only [Divine Power] that I had read about in fairy tails as a kid.

[Kuku…kukuku….! Kuhahahahahaha!!]

The power was now mine.
There was no rush.
It’s fine to make my power known to the world slowly.
Slowly, and deliberately.
Until now, I had suffered pain and anguish, the hatred of others.
Little by little.
It’s too boring to show off all my power at once.
With the composure and grace of a king, I shall reveal my strength.
So that my [Terrible Strength] shall permeate the hearts of everyone in the world.

I took out the [Sleepy Rabbit’s Violet Pelt] that I had torn from the Sleepy Rabbit.
I did it for the quest, but I don’t need it now, although it’s a good way to pass the time.
I can show off my power anytime.
Heck, I don’t have the slightest worry in the world now.
I have [Understanding] of everything, and have everything.
It’s fine to bring this knowledge and power into [Shape] later–.

[How long has it been since I’ve had this fresh feeling?…]

I looked up at the sky and took a deep breath.
I saw a [Big Winged Raven] soaring across the sky gracefully as it crowed.


With just one muttered word, the Big Winged Raven stopped moving.
As expected.
This power can work across any distance… interesting.
Even though I have total comprehension of my power, it’s still a different feeling when you actually use it.
I don’t know if I really need to practice this power to master it.
It’s as if a huge [Manual] on the power has been imprinted into my head.
Everything has already been explained to me, and I’m fully able to use the power.

[The sky, huh… I wonder what the world looks like from up there.]

Humankind still cannot fly.
Even with [Skills], only bird-type monsters and insect-type monsters can actually fly.
I wonder if I can fly too now.
According to my internal [Manual], I think I can.
I guess it’s worth a shot.

I raised my right arm towards the Big Winged Raven frozen in the sky.
From my arm bursted a storm of icicles shooting upwards.
The icicles reached the bird and utterly destroyed it.
Piercing into the center of the bird, the raw materials were retrieved.
<<Big Winged Raven’s Innards>>
The red heart glistening in the middle of the lump is a rare commodity in crafting stores.
After all, even the best archers have trouble hunting the [Big Winged Raven].
But my power can hunt them easily—.

[Should I give it to Miria?…]

Now that I think about it, I’ve never given her a present.
Well, it’s not like I really had the money to buy anything.
Before going to the guild, I’ll stop by the crafting store.

I took my time heading back to town.
It was almost dusk, so most stores were closed.

I knocked on the door of the crafting store.
After many knocks, it seemed like there was still response. Finally, the shop owner Booker’s face appeared

[Good grief, who is it at this time… Oh, it’s just you, Krell… what do you want?]

Booker spoke with clear displeasure.
This morning, I wouldn’t have known how to respond, but I’m different now.

[My bad. I just have a little job for you.]

[Job?? Then come back tomorrow. Are you blind? Can you not see this [CLOSE] sign?]

With a small knock on the sign, Booker turned back, closing the door.
I stuck my foot into the crack of the door.

[I need you to do it now. Even you don’t see this very often, do you?]

I took out the [Big Winged Raven’s Innards] and handed it to Booker.
Staring at the item with a fixed gaze, Booker looked at me with a serious face and asked me a question.

[… You, where did you get this?]

[Well, I’ll tell you after you finish.]

[… Hmph, alright. I’ll do it.]

Finally understanding, Booker opened the door, letting me into the room.
He led me through the cluttered room to a side room.
On the table inside there was a bottle of whiskey.
So he drinks?
I wonder if that’s a hindrance to his job?
I sat down on the closest chair.

[This is the real deal, huh?]

[You’re a craftsman, aren’t you? Shouldn’t you be able to tell?]

As I spoke, Booker took another swig of his whiskey and stared intently at the innards.

[… Hmph. Well, even if it’s genuine it’s not like the shop is open for business right now. Leave it here and come back in a couple days and I’ll refine
it for you. It’ll cost 25000G though.]

Booker set down the innards on the table and smirked.
We both know that I don’t have that kind of money.

(He really is a piece of trash, huh…)

I thought about it.
I could kill him now, but it’d be too boring.
I looked through my mental [Manual].
Inside, there was one technique that looked like it could be helpful.

(Well, I’ll try it…)

I raised a finger and pointed it at Booker’s forehead.
He was already unsteady from the whiskey.
I touched his forehead.
Then, I used [Magic].


From my fingertips, small particles of ice flowed out and entered Booker’s head through the pores in his forehead.
The ice entered his blood vessels, and traveled within his blood.
Within my mind, I could clearly see every inch of his filthy body.
Following the flow of his alcohol-filled blood, I penetrated his brain.

[Listen up, craftsman. Don’t make me pay a fee. Alright?]

[… A-ah… ah… okay.]

Following my orders, Booker picked up the innards and headed to his workstation.
Looks like it worked.
By using tiny ice particles to infiltrate their brains, I can give direct orders to people.
Thanks to this technique, I was able to get the job done without needing to kill someone unnecessarily.

[Kuku… That Booker had to listen to me… Heh…]

I couldn’t hold in the laughter anymore, and snickered.
I heard Booker begin working on the other side of the room.
Might as well wait here until he’s done.
I poked around his room and found some wine, and poured it into a glass.
It’s a really antique wine.
For an alcoholic like Booker it’s definitely worth hiding.
I wonder if it’s expensive?

I downed the glass in one go.
There was a nice aroma, and I felt my stomach heating up.
It’s been a long time since I’ve had wine.
For a freeloader like me, there was no chance for me to have any.

(Maybe I should go brainwash the maid at home and keep this wine for myself…)

I thought about it as I drank the second glass.
From now on, I’m the head of the house.
I wonder how Count Teremius will feel about it.
When he returns from his trip, the entire house will have changed—.

Little by little.
Little by little.
To the people around me, I want to make it look like I’m slowly gaining power.
And once I’ve gained the confidence of this neighborhood, I’ll take over [Everything].
My epic begins here.
Until I’ve engraved my name forever in history, I’ll keep up my act.

Because, with the power of a [God], I’ve become immortal—.

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VRMMO 003 – Time to finally leave the training field… which is a good thing.

A Certain Middle-Aged Man’s VRMMO Activity Log

Chapter 3: Time to finally leave the training field… which is a good thing.

TN: Sorry for the super long delay between chapters!

Been really busy this summer with an internship and working on a startup project of my own. School is starting up again soon and I’ll try my best to release the coming chapters more consistently.

I will probably be putting the Ice Magic LN on hold b/c VRMMO seems to have more people interested in it b/c of the manga and since it’s a bit easier to translate.

A small note, I’m going to start making my translations less word for word mostly because it makes it a lot easier for me if I don’t spend time trying to think of exact word-for-word translations of certain phrases. Unless you have read the Japanese raws you probably won’t notice any difference 😛

Also I’m just gonna call the currency Gold from now on. It’s close enough 😛

After leaving the training fields, I logged out, had a meal, and hopped in the bath…
And logged on again.

Well then, before completely leave, I better check out what equips I have.

Beginner Bow
A bow suitable for beginners. It’s weak, so it’s best to get a better weapon as quickly as possible.
Atk+2, Endurance: Unlimited

Beginner Armor
A beginner overall armor (covers top and bottom). No armor type.
Def+5, Endurance: Unlimited

So, those are the kinds of equips I have. They have unlimited endurance so you can never lose them.
Apart from using up endurance, it’s pretty much impossible to lose equipment.

Also, there are 4 types of armor masteries to help improve your usage of armor.
Cloth Armor, Leather Armor, Light Armor, and Heavy Armor.
Of course, you can wear armor even if you don’t have mastery for it, and you’ll get all the stats for it, but if you have no mastery and you wear something that’s Heavy Armor, you’ll be weighed down so much that you basically won’t be able to move.
No matter how high your defenses are, if you can’t move then you’re dead.
In other words, the benefit of armor mastery is that you can handle heavier armor and have more mobility while wearing armor.
Light and cloth armor often give benefits to magic power and evasion power.

And while we’re talking about other skills… I’ll also explain the [Cooking] skill.
In this game, there’s both [Hunger] and [Thirst].
If your Hunger bar runs dry, you lose HP, and if you’re too Thirsty then you lose MP.
Dealing with this is as simple as eating and drinking.
Thus, even I went to purchase some bread and water from an NPC.
They both cost only 5 Glows each so there’s no need to be stingy.
I mean, if you get too stingy with food you’ll literally die…
The penalty for death is a 30 point reduction in all stats and -33% durability on all equips.
If an equip’s durability reaches 0% from this, then it’ll be destroyed.

Anyways, that’s my long explanation. I’ve arrived at the field area.
Well then, I guess it’s time to hunt!… I really am just a happy guy right now.

[The first day… it’s as sweet as I expected!]

I sighed. The players in front of me…

[Ha! Burn and die, you!!]
[You’re my prey!!]
[You over there and here, you’re both dead! Haha!]
[Come on, bring on the next wave! These weaklings aren’t enough for me!]

The scene could only be described with the word “pandemonium”.
These guys are pretty wild, I thought as I stood there with my arms crossed, watching.

[Well ~ It’ll be like this for the first few days.]

Said a girl’s voice from behind me.
A precious soul who would talk to the bow-encumbered me.
Finally, my first real conversation.

[Right? Everyone’s in such a frenzy.]

[Yeah it’s really like that ~~ Trying to get in a bit of hunting before night sets in ~~]

Huh? Night?

[Um, can I ask a question? Is there a day and night in this game?]

[Ah ~ ? There’s already been one night, you know ~ ?]

[I was in the training arena and then I logged out, so I didn’t know.]

[Ahhh ~ I see ~]

The girl explained that there’s a repeating cycle of 3 hours of daytime and 2 hours of nighttime.
When night falls, vision is decreased and monsters become a bit harder to deal with.
The countermeasures are Light Magic’s Level 10 [Light], Fire Magic’s Level 15 [Torch], and Dark Magic’s Level 30 [Night Vision].
I guess I better level up my farsight skill.
It’s important for the ranger class to have farsight and night vision.

[I see, so basically it’ll be this wild until nighttime.]

[Yep, probably ~]

Well, there’s nothing I can do about it.
In that case, I better find something else to do for now.

[Thanks a lot for telling me about this!]

[No prob~! I’m Miri, wanna be friends~?]

How do I put it… she’s really carefree huh.
Well, it’s good to make new friends.

[My name’s Earth, nice to meet you.]

[Nice to meet you too ~]

After registering as friends, the girl called out [I’m heading back to town ~] as she left.

I left the field to try to find some herbs.
Activating my farsight ability, I left the hunting people to go collect some Unidentified Herbs.
Why are they called Unidentified Herbs? Well…

[Effect Unknown…]

So that’s why. It could be helpful or dangerous. Basically in the game you can’t just pick up an item and know what it is unless you’re a pro identifier. [TN: The second sentence here is トル○コでも、シレ○でもいい, I have almost no idea what it means so I just guessed. Game lingo too hard for me :(]
After you get an item, don’t know what type of item it is.
Although, it seems pretty unlikely that there’d be dangerous herbs in a beginning field… right?
Anyways I hope so, since I’m gonna pick herbs until nightfall.

Night. A ton of players returned back to town, selling their monster drops and eating. I crouched down by some stairs in a corner and began identifying my herbs.
Although you can’t tell what a herb is from first glance, if you look at it for a while then its true identity will be revealed.
The reason is…

Medicine Lv 3.

It seeems like, by having the medicine skill, you can identify herbs. I got to level 2 and then 3, and then realized I could recognize antidote herbs and poisonous herbs.
It suddenly felt really stuffy, though I was holding just a single herb.

> Suffocation Plant.

> If you eat this, you’ll stop breathing immediately and die.
> This should definitely not be eaten!

> Herb Item

Wow… that’s a super dangerous herb! What were you thinking, administrators?? I can’t be the only one who thinks this is crazy, right?

After identifying the herbs I tried making some potions.
I went to the potion shop across the street and bought an alchemy set that I could carry.
It cost 400 Gold. You start with 1500 Gold. Since the inn charges 10 Gold a night, I currently have 1080 Gold.
The other 10 Gold I had spent on food.
Those are necessary expenses so it can’t be helped.

I learned how to make potions.
Crush the herbs > Blend it with distilled water and add heat > Done!
Looks like it’s that simple.
Although it feels like if you mess it up then you’ve wasted a lot of time.
That’s the feeling I get from potion-making.

> Common Healing Potion.
> The basis of all healing items. Recover 11% of HP.

In this game if you make a potion successfully once then you can use up the rest of your ingredients all together for the rest of the potions. So, I turned all my herbs into potions.
I also made some antidote potions, although I don’t think I’ll need them yet.
My Steady Fingers skill also increased as I kept making more potions.
As for the poisonous herb and suffocation herb, I can’t use them yet.
I’m don’t meet the requirements, that’s why.

From the antidote herb, I got this item:

> Common Anti-Poison Potion
> The weakest antidote potion. Failure rate increases when dealing with stronger poisons.

By the way, there’s a potion merchant in town.
I’ll go sell my potions to him for some money.
Actually, it looks like my potions are 1% stronger so I might keep them. I think I’ll keep the antidote potions too, I might need them!

I’ve leveled up my medicine skill a bit, so I think it’s fine to stop here for today…
I went to the inn and logged out, and got ready to sleep in real life too.
I bet my colleagues are gonna be out all night again.

Archery Lv 5
Kicking Lv 5
Farsight Lv 4
Wind Magic Lv 5
Crafting Lv 3
Cooking Lv 1
Woodworking Lv 1
Medicine Lv 7
Stealth Lv 1
Physical Ability Lv 5

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VRMMO 002 – The Crowded First Day and the Training Grounds

A Certain Middle-Aged Man’s VRMMO Activity Log

Chapter 2: The Crowded First Day and the Training Grounds

TN: Whew, finally got around to finishing this chapter! A few notes:

  • グロー is the currency. In the Manga (which I just started reading today), it’s translated as Gulor. The actual reading is Gurou, which is the word “glow” in Japanese, so I’m saying Glows rather than Gulors even though it sounds kinda weird.
  • There’s a distinction between “skill level” and “personal level/ability”. Skill level is an actual thing that makes you do more damage, access better spells, etc. Personal level/ability is how well you can use your skills – it’s not an actual level, it’s something you learn from playing the game. This is made kind of clear in the part where he talks about how he could be Lv 99 in Archery but if he couldn’t actually fire a bow (his personal ability to use the bow) then it wouldn’t make a difference whether he was Lv 1 or Lv 99.

Immediately after login.

[It really is amazingly crowded… well, that’s what’d you expect from the first day.]

I muttered unconsciously.

And then, voices from the crowd.

[Looking for people to join our party to powerlevel! Need front-line fighters!]
[Recruiting members to head towards the rocky area before it gets too crowded!]

And so on, with everyone trying to recruit teammates to level up with (technically speaking, leveling up specific skills, since there is no overall level).
The beta testers, who had already mastered all the tricks and subtleties in controlling their avatars, would definitely have a huge advantage and level their skills much faster.

Meanwhile, over here…

[New players, we’ve got good equipment here–!]
[Make sure to suit up before you head out to battle!]

Thus shouted the equipment sellers, whose voices filled the air in the open market.
The players who had already set up their shops were probably beta testers.
As I walked through the jam-packed streets, I saw countless people trading – a classic element of all MMOs.

But, despite all the people in this crowded area, I didn’t see anyone besides me who had a bow on their back.
Gossip is really a powerful thing! Especially when it’s news coming from beta testers.

And now, I encountered another thing common to all MMOs.

[Oi, the small fry with the bow, get over here.]

Yep. No matter where you go, there will always be people who look down on you.
Well, I didn’t want anything to do with those kinds of guys… I’ll just ignore them and pretend to be really gloomy.

[Me, huh…]

I tried my best to hide my fed-up face.

[What are ya doing with that trash weapon? Already given up on playing the game?]
[And also, what’s with your ugly face? You totally look like a boring NPC character. Just die already.]

The pointless insults came one after another.
Pretty unlucky of me to have to deal with such a waste of time on the first day…

Of course, with all the people on the first day, there’d inevitably be bad-mouthed people like this.
Anyways, the 5 guys were still ranting at me.
I wanted to say, “Gyahaha, are you guys a reincarnation of some Mohican tribe?”. [TN: The Mohicans are a native American tribe.]
Well, whatever. They’d get bored and leave soon.

[Well, a trash like you should just stay groveling inside the town.]

And with that, the party of 5 Mohicans left. Thanks to people like them, the idea that the bow sucked was even more widespread.

… Well, that’s convenient for me.

Since I’m probably going solo anyways, it doesn’t really matter what other people think of my skills.
It’d be nice to make a party, honestly, but I’m sure that everyone who has heard the notorious weakness of the bow will stay far away from me.

That being said, I wasn’t a big fan of being stared at, so I quickly got moving.
My destination was the training area. In this game, it was a Training Arena.

Although it’s pretty tedious to train, the beta testers didn’t even have the Training Arena.
Well, due to many complaints to the administration from beta testers about not having a good way to safely practice their swordsmanship or magic, the Training Arena was born.
On this point, I wanted to say to the beta testers, “Good job!”
The Training Arena doesn’t really change. For ranged users (archery, of course, as well as throwing and magic), there are randomly moving targets to use.
For melee players (swords, axes, spears, unarmed, etc.), there are straw targets to practice with.

It appears that you can only train skills up to Lv 5 within the Training Arena.
And as expected of a place meant for Training, it’s much slower to level up here than it is with monsters outside.
There’s also NPCs here that teach you how to use your weapon, learn magic incantations, etc.
Thanks to all this, even though this for first-timers, it’s pretty easy to get the hang of the game’s combat systems.
… that is, if you listen carefully to the NPCs.

After receiving instruction from various NPCs, I prepared right away to practice with my bow and arrow.
In the Training Arena, you get a set of training equipment, and for bows and throwing weapons, you get infinite ammo. It’s really a very useful feature.
And so, without any thought of commemorating the occasion, I prepared to take my first shot.

[Before I can worry about whether my shots are landing, there’s another problem…]

Pulling back the bow string was pretty easy, but it was much harder to load the arrow properly.
The arrow kept falling off, and I was fumbling to try to get it to stay.
To be honest, I was kind of sad that I couldn’t do something so simple

Anyways, I tried to stay positive as I practice loading an arrow, shooting, and then loading another arrow over and over again.
Well, the result of this was that I learned that my skill could be described as “Extremely inaccurate”.
Without any guides or indicators of your arrow’s path, it’s really hard to aim properly.
Even with practice, the weapon still has terrible performance, so I could finally really understand why the bow was considered a trash weapon.
After practicing about 100 shots, I managed to hit the target twice.
At least 70 shots had only feebly tumbled off of my bow thanks to my trouble with loading arrows properly.
I would probably never be able to reach a point where I could fire quickly without fumbling.

But, regardless, I still kept focusing on practicing, thinking about nothing but my bow and arrow.
My skill level had reached 5 a while ago, but my personal skill was still terrible. Even if I were at Lv 99, if I couldn’t load a bow I would still be weak.
Load, shoot, load, shoot, load, shoot. Thanks to repetition, I finally reached a point where I could load smoothly about 80% of the time and hit the random targets about 60% of the time, and the arrows that I shot mostly flew straight paths.
I think at this point I could probably fight the weakest monsters, right?

For now, I returned my bow and arrow to the NPC. Next up was wind magic practice.
Although it’s really important to have a staff to improve range, power, and accuracy, you can use magic incantations barehanded and still have a chance of hitting something.
For magic mediums (TN: as in, ways to use magic), staffs are the strongest, followed by magic books, magic hands (these are similar to gloves), and magic rings.
For pure magicians, staffs and rings are essential, and for magic fighters, gloves and rings are the best.
Although, apart from staffs, all of these things are quite valuable, and it was said that they are difficult for even high level craftsmen to make. So, it’s most practical to try to get these items from NPCs.
After borrowing a staff, I used the lowest-level magic spell.

<Air Needle!>

A few small needles made of wind appeared and struck the taget.
In this world, Wind Cutter skills are ranked fairly well, but the beginner skills are totally useless.
You can cut some simple substances, but other attributes can do more at lower levels, so for a beginner it feels kind of lame.
Magic costs MP, but it has a far better hit rate than the bow and arrow.
Although, maybe that’s just because I still haven’t mastered Archery.
Anyways, I reached Lv 5 in Wind Magic, returned my staff, and started training Kicking.

Plenty of others were here, and I saw a lot of them with one-handed swords, two-handed swords, and spears attacking the straw dummies.
For now, I began with practicing my Low Kick by watching others.
Just by kicking with no target, I was slowly leveling up my Kicking skill a bit.
As I leveled, I started practicing a Middle Kick a bit too.
In real life I would never be able to kick so high, but as expected in a game, it was possible for me to accomplish such feats here.
If I kept practicing, I could probably kick as high as someone’s head.
Having figured out the general weaknesses in my skills, I really wanted to try out fighting some monsters.

In about half the time it took for Archery and Wind Magic, I reached Lv 5 in Kicking.
Physical skills are easier to level, I guess.
My Physical Boost skill had also risen to Lv 3.
So it looks like that skill gets a bit of experience from training in any other skill.

Anyways, it’s really great that a beginner can learn things so quickly in this game.
Next up, it’s time to level up my skills as well as my personal ability through some combat.
Since I was having so much fun, it was already past 3 AM in the real world.
I rented a room at the town’s inn and logged out.
By paying the rent, I learned that the game’s currency is Glows.
I’m pretty slow, huh.

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Ice Magic 002 – Ice Magic

With Ice Magic, I Shall Conquer the World

Chapter 2: Ice Magic

TN: Really interesting chapter, lots of cool sneak peeks at what we’ll get to see in the future 😀 Enjoy!

I sprinted across the grasslands.

I had with me some potions and antidotes, as well as a night vision potion.
There are some monsters in Vizend Cave that are poisonous, but they’re super weak.
The real question is, will the night vision potion last long enough for me to make it to the deepest parts of the cave?
I have a torch, but with only one hand free I’d be easy prey for any monsters.

(Regza and Count Teremius, they’re really trying to make me look like an idiot!)

I had left the town in anger, and I still wasn’t feeling any better about it.
I wonder if Miria knows about this?
Deep down in her heart, does she actually think I’m an idiot too?
Is her smiling face only a mask for her scorn of me?


A monster’s cry disrupted my thoughts.
About 20 meters in front of me, a slime-type monster was slowly advancing.

[Is this a joke…?!]

Slowing down a bit, I pulled out my rapier.
I carefully approached the monster.
My rival was the weakest monster among all the creatures in this world.

Holding my rapier in a horizontal stance, I put my strength into my weapon.
The crest engraved on the hilt of the rapier glowed momentarily before going dark again.

[Damnit! Damnit! Damnit!]

Why is it that I can’t use [skills]?
In this world, people are supposed to be born with some [ability].
And it’s not just people.
Animals and monsters, too.
Being lesser than even those, I’m basically nothing more than a tumbling rock—. (TN: I feel so sorry for him lol)

[Pigi! Pigigii–!]

At the center of the slime, a red crest appeared.
Even this trash-tier monster can use skills, and yet I—.


I thrust out my rapier with all my might.
There was no [skill] involved, it was merely a thrust made with my own physical strength.
My rapier was still lodged in the slime’s jelly-like body.

[This… this trash mob is nothing to me, and yet…!]

Pressing my foot on its body, I pulled out my rapier.
The crest on the slime began glowing again as it prepared another [skill].
I skewered the slime with my rapier over and over.

[Piii…! Pigi!!]


My body was covered in a light green liquid, but I didn’t stop striking.
Over and over.
Face to face with the shrieking slime, I sliced at it ruthlessly.

[Hah.. Hah.. Hah.. Damnit!] (TN: The Hah is a panting sound, not laughing. If anyone has a suggestion on how else I should translate it, feel free to comment!)

I kicked the slime’s unmoving body, sending it flying.
Suddenly I felt a pain in my left shoulder, and after wiping away the slime on my body, saw some blood.
Sighing, I took out a recovery potion and poured it on my shoulder.
The wound slowly disappeared, and the pain also lessened.

[Why… can I not do any skills…?]

I really hated myself.
When I was small, no one made fun of me for not being able to use any [skills].
But, that was definitely just because I was in a Count’s family.
A family as powerful as the family of Count Teremius – that of Count Asgard, my father.
But now, that name has been lost.
Because by the end of the war, I was the only remaining member of the Asgard family which was all but eradicated from this world.

[…Alright, I need keep going]

It’s inevitable that I’d feel this angry.
Having fallen to the pits, the only thing I could do was climb back up. [TN: Metaphorically. He’s not actually falling into something right now.]
Someday, I’ll definitely triumph.

All those guys who’ve been mocking me and making fun of me, I’ll definitely—.


From there onwards, I encountered all kinds of weak monsters.
I was already running out of recovery potions.
At this point, my only choice was to collect raw materials on the spot and make some potions on my own.
Although, this region is filled with all the materials I need to make potions.
So, I thoughtlessly used potion after potion to recover my wounds.

Ahead of me, I could see the large opening to the cave.
Vizend Cave.
In the depths of this cave, I would defeat the [Sleepy Rabbit], a rabbit-type monster, and finish my mission. [TN: The furigana for the name Sleepy Rabbit wasn’t provided until now so I was translating it differently, but I’ll use this name from now on.]
A monster that hibernated throughout most of the year, its hide was often used for trade throughout the world.

Having collected all the recovery potion materials I could find in the area, I drank my night-vision potion and headed towards the cave’s entrance.

It was dead silent inside the gloomy cave.
Thanks to my night-vision potion, I could clearly discern, although limited to black and white vision, the details of the interior of the cave.
I quietly moved towards the deepest part of the cave.

(Interesting… Why are there no monsters anywhere?)

I knew that there were supposed to be several types of monsters within Vizend Cave.
Although they’re all weaklings, many of them have a troublesome poison effect.
I had brought antidotes just for dealing with that, so what the heck was going on here?

Without encountering a single monster along the way, I arrived at the deepest part of the cave.
Feeling a sense of unease, I carefully surveyed the area from the edge.

(…Ah, over there.)

I saw the Sleepy Rabbit in the corner.
The loudly snoring Sleepy Rabbit.
Its weakness is the back of its ears which have very good hearing.
If I thrust my rapier through that, it’d be over in one blow.
Watching my footsteps, I cautiously took out my rapier.


Suddenly, for some unknown reason, something started rising up.
I got goosebumps throughout my body.
What the heck is this?

I looked down at my feet.
With only my black-and-white night vision, I saw a liquid flowing.
Is that, blood–?

Timidly, I turned around.
I could sense the presence of some monster that I couldn’t see.
Chomp, chomp. I could hear it eating something.
Was that a monster normally found in this cave?

[Ah… ah…]

Unable to hold in my fear, I let out a squeak.
With my poor vision, I made out the figure of something spider-shaped.
What the hell was that?
There wasn’t even any gossip about this kind of monster in the guild–.


Finishing its meal, the monster decided on its next target.
I was going to die.
Getting eaten by the monster, that would be the end for me.

… No.
I really didn’t want to die.
I still had things I needed to do in life.

Shaking with fear, I readied my rapier.

I had to win.
Even though I had no [skill].
Because, I absolutely didn’t want to die.



Figuring out the monster’s position by following its howls, I desperately thrust forward with my rapier.
I felt a sharp pain in my right arm.
I couldn’t feel anything below my elbow, and glanced down. There was nothing there. [TN: As in, his arm got chopped off. Ouch.]


Picking up the sword I had dropped, I prepared to fight left-handed.
At the same time, the monster began its second attack.
This time, I barely managed to avoid the full brunt of its blow.
So it’s like that.
A sharp blade-like claw.

Kicking off from the ground, I charged again.
In the last exchange, I had deflected the blow, but was still hit in the abdomen.
Entrails were leaking out of my side.
I stopped moving.
Because it was time to kill.
I had to live.
I had to live, survive, and triumph.


With all my might, I tried to pierce the monster’s body.
At the same time, its long tail circled behind me and wrapped me up.
With my whole body restricted, I started laughing without knowing why.

[… Haha… even though I made it this far. Well, I almost got in the last blow, but it looks like I’ll still be eaten.]

The monster moved me towards its open mouth.
My whole body was paralyzed in pain.
Even if I got away, I would die from my bleeding.
Laughing in resignation, I closed my eyes.


I wasn’t sure how long it had been.
Why hadn’t the monster eaten me yet?

I meekly opened my eyes.
The monster had stopped moving me towards its mouth.

[…? Did it… die?]

No way, from that one blow?
Without even using a [skill]?

No way, that’s imp—.


Suddenly, a light began glowing from the center of the monster’s body.
I was thrown onto the ground.
What was that?
The monster was being destroyed by a light—?

Well, I was already losing consciousness.
My right arm was gone, and my insides were tumbling out.
With great sacrifice, I had beaten the monster.
But, I was probably dead, anyways.

I saw something fall from the monter’s totally disintegrated body.
Trying to see what it was, I crawled towards it.

There was a single book laying on the floor.
I painfully reached over and opened the book.

[This… is…]

The same light from earlier flowed out from the book.
And then, my body was engulfed in a strange light.

[In my… head… what…?]

One after another, [words] were pouring into my head.
It definitely wasn’t a language used in this country.
Maybe there weren’t even words.
But, I understood it all.

This was, [The Power of God]—.
Entering me was the one and only truly absolute power.

[Haha… Hahaha…!]

I slowly regained consciousness.

Looking down, I saw an icicle wher my right arm had been.
Slowly, it gained the form of a human hand, and eventually my whole arm had regenerated from ice.

Similarly, my abdominal wound was covered in an icy veil.
The bleeding was entirely stopped, and before I even realized, my whole body was patched up, with all my insides sealed up where they were supposed to be.

[… [Magic] … This is the power of [Ice Magic] …] [TN: So here, Magic (魔法) is given a pronunciation of ディザ・ベル, or “Diza Bell”. I have no idea what that means so I’m just translating it as Magic.]

I looked down at my hands.
I had obtain this power–?
To be able to use such power–.


Turning to the sound I heard, I saw the Sleepy Rabbit approaching me menacingly.
Although easy to slay when asleep, the Sleepy Rabbit is really quite dangerous when awoke, especially if disturbed by another.
Baring its fangs, it slowly closed in.


I had no way out, so I pushed my right hand forward.
I already understood.
With the power of [Ice Magic], I would yield to no one.


The Sleepy Rabbit made a huge leap towards me.
Unperturbed, I slowly murmured…


The air itself seemed to freeze as a rush of coldness attacked the rabbit.
Frozen in an instant while mid-air, the rabbit crashed into the ground, unmoving.

[Kukuku… Hahaha!! Frozen at my will in an instant, regardless of the target! This is seriously [The Power of God]! Hahaha! Hahahahaha!]

Overflowing with happiness, I couldn’t stop laughing.
The thing I had obtained.
The power of God–.
The power of [Magic]–.

My laughter echoed throughout Vizend Cave.

— And that was the beginning of my conquest of the world, in the name of [Revenge].

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VRMMO 001 – The First Day

A Certain Middle-Aged Man’s VRMMO Activity Log

Chapter 1: The First Day

TN: As I mention here, this series has chapters 1-5 translated elsewhere. However, the translations (in my opinion) were done very poorly, with a ton of grammar mistakes as well as several fairly significant incorrect translations. So, I’ll be redoing the series from the very beginning! It looks interesting, I hope you all look forward to reading it!

…It was faster than expected.
The day that I could experience a VRMMO has come.

My name is Tanaka Daichi, and this year I’m turning 38.

Even at this age, I still haven’t stopped gaming. My parents said that it’s irresponsible and that I should stop.
I don’t think it’s really something to get angry about.
After all, I’m definitely someone who’s totally in love with games.

Anyways, games really are amazing.
Because even though I’m 38, when I enter a game, I can travel new lands with all my heart or fly high in the sky.

“Why is that so amazing?” Well, there are people who say that.
But, when you start getting old, your body will inevitably grow weaker.
Whether it’s professional baseball players or Olympic athletes, the majority of these people will retire in their mid-30s.
Although, in your teens, it’s hard to imagine that you will one day grow weak… that’s the reality.
Even I have become an Ossan [TN: middle-aged man]… I don’t like it, but it’s true.

Well then, that was a long introduction, but now we’ll start actually talking about the VRMMO!
First off, the game is called [One More Free Life Online]. It’s a pretty straightforward name, and the goal is simply to for a person to enjoy a new life.
The day before yesterday, the open beta came to a close, and 10 minutes from now is the scheduled official start.

The game’s contents… it’s a standard MMORPG where you level up your skills.
There’s no base levels, so all skill levels come from your character’s growth… so I guess it’s really a skill-type MMORPG.
You choose 10 skills at the beginning. As you get stronger, you can learn other skills “to some extent”.
Once you reach a certain level in a skill, you earn Ex Points which you can consume to learn a new skill… or at least, that’s what the beta testers said.
Because of that, if you just randomly choose your skills at the beginning, you could end up being a jack of all trades, but a master of none.
And therein lies the guarantee of the MMORPG.

Defeating the demon king, such a grand quest doesn’t exist.
The game is designed purely for a person’s enjoyment of a different life.
There are monsters, crafting, and chatting, but it’s up to the player to decide what to do.

Looks like it’s about time to begin!
I hope everyone will forgive them if the MMORPG servers crash on the first day.

… There was no problem logging in. I guess the servers are better than I thought.

Now then, time to make a character!
First of all, character name… well it’s simple, but “Earth” will do, since my name means earth (TN: Daichi = ground).
At any rate that’s just a cool-sounding name that popped into my head.

The character’s outward appearance… well, let’s go with a 19-year-old. Height, about 176cm sounds good.
Black hair and black eyes. I’m a bit picky about that. And also… there’s no need to be too good-looking.
Beautiful women and handsome boys, I always hear about them having perfect symmetry. So, let’s shift a couple things around a bit here.
The nose shouldn’t be too high either… (TN: high noses are considered elegant in many cultures)
Gender is male, of course. Well, that goes without saying. Lying about your gender is definitely a no go.

Although I, the player, am 38 years old, I haven’t grown old in my heart, so I’m picking a young character. In a world where I can move freely as a young man, there’s no need to bring in any of my smelly real life as an Ossan. My heart is totally bored of my real body. Since this is a virtual world, I can let my heart be free and feel young again.


… Alright, there we go.
Ehh, I look like a generic NPC character in a console game, don’t I?
Well, I’ll just think of it as acting as a foil for the scenery. (TN: “foil” as in, he doesn’t look particularly good, so the scenery, by juxtaposition, feels like it looks even better than it actually does.)
I’ll leave the goal of becoming a beautiful woman or pretty boy to others. I’m not the type of guy that wants to be the main character.

Next is skill selection, or something like that.
I think I’ll main in skills that, based on the news so far, are pretty obscure, or rather, based on beta reviews, totally useless. That way, I can just have a totally carefree time in the game.
You might imagine that a 38-year-old would have work to do every week.
I have today and tomorrow off, but normally I won’t be able to play more than an hour or two a day… in other words, I’ll mostly have to play solo.
If that’s the case, I don’t really want to have any worries or concerns about what’s happening in the game. That’s why I chose pretty useless skills.

Anyways, my skill choices were: Archery, Kicking, Sharp Eyes, Wind Magic, Crafting, Cooking, Woodworking, Medicine, Stealth, and Physical Boost.

Those are the 10.
At a glance, they look pretty bad, huh. From the news, out of those… at least 6 are useless!
Archery, Kicking, Wind Magic, Medicine, Stealth, and Physical Boost.

The problem with Archery is aiming, since there’s no automatic targeting system.
Furthermore, the skill doesn’t perform particularly well even if you put a lot of effort into it.
And even worse, the damage you do is only about 75% of what you could do with a one-handed sword.
It’s kind of a useless skill to choose, huh… for long-range attacks, magic does the job much better.

As for Kicking… if it’s as reported by the beta testers, the skill has no Arts – that is to say, something like a special ability.
For other skills, upon reaching level 10 you get some kind of special technique, but for kicking, well let’s just say that there were people saying “What the hell, I’m at level 30 in Kicking and there isn’t anything special. What a shitty skill.”
(By the way, most skills that involve physical [Striking] get special techniques.)
The truth of the matter is that, aside from already lacking in solo capabilities with the bow skill, not having any close-range combat ability is pretty dangerous for me.

Wind magic… well, at a glance it sounds like its useful, but if you look closer, you’ll see that it’s pretty lacking. Although there’s a pretty decent buff skill that increases your speed, everything else is lacking in both attack power and recovery power.
It falls far behind the other elements in attack power (the elements being Fire, Water, Wind, Earth, Light, and Dark, for a total of 6). As for recovery, wind magic is only anywhere from 1/2 to 1/4 as good as water and light recovery skills.

Medicine is the skill for making potions. It’s pretty useful in normal MMOs, but…
In this game you can buy good potions in bulk from NPCs at low prices, so making your own potions only makes you look like an idiot.
Also, since the cooldown timer for using potions is pretty low, there’s no real point in needing to use particularly strong potions.
That’s what the beta testers all strongly agreed to.

Stealth… although being able to become hidden seems to be a great power, the cost is just cruel.
It costs 1% of your max MP per second. If you use it for 10 seconds, the cost increases to 2%; at 20 seconds, 4%, and so on, with the cost jumping up every 10 seconds.
And also, there’s monsters with smell, sound, and heat detection, so against them Stealth is totally useless.

Physical Boost… it improves things like running, weapon attack speed, crafting speed, etc, which is all nice, but…
At the end of the day, you just end up being a jack of all trades, and a master of none. When compared to more specialized skills, it’s far weaker than everything else.
Since it does boost a lot of things, the end result is a character who’s well-balanced but with no particular strengths.
Well, since I just want to do a variety of things, I guess it’s a good choice for me.

Anyways, that’s about it for character creation.
By the way, I haven’t mentioned this game to anyone I know in real life.
No, that’s not say I don’t have friends… it’s just that my friends all like to drink.
In reality, they’re all nice people, but for someone like me who can’t drink, being with them is sometimes like being surrounded by demons.
Why can’t I be someone who can drink endlessly without a care in the world?

It’d be nice to make a new acquaintance in the game, someone that I can enjoy this once-in-a-lifetime playing experience with.
Although I’ll be burdened with a bow and quiver on my back, I’m prepared for something like that. It’s just the fate of playing an MMORPG.
If there are good people out there, to be able to meet them, that would be really fortunate, huh.

As for my playstyle… I guess I’ll try to be a Ranger.
There’s nothing like a “job” within the game, but I’ll have plenty to do between finding treasures hidden in a forest, going hunting, cooking food to eat, making a bow through woodworking, and collecting the cost parts for making arrows. And I can even collect herbs in the forest to make pots. When it’s dangerous, I’ll just use Stealth. And with all of those things, Physical Boost will be helpful.

That’s my dream at least. My dreams have really changed as I’ve grown up, but I’m happy with it.
Well, it’s time to login. I hope I’ll have fun enjoying my new life.

[Welcome to One More Free Life Online!]

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Ice Magic 001 – Useless

With Ice Magic, I Shall Conquer the World

Chapter 1: Useless

TN: Enjoy! I think this series is going to be an interesting one, based on how everyone treats the MC before he gets his powers 🙂

Sentences are really choppy because that’s just this author’s writing style (short sentences).

A world full of swords and martial arts.

In this world, [strength] is justice.
Training and discipline, day after day.
Although I made it into a guild, for a talentless person like me, something like learning true [skill] is impossible.

“Oi oi, what’s wrong! You coward!”


Guild Leader Regza’s roars resounded throughout the training arena.
My grinning comrades were watching the training session.
No, that’s not right. I’ve never thought of those guys as comrades.

“What the hell, you. What you have learned up until now!? Do you remember nothing!?”

Regza’s greataxe swung down on me.
With great difficulty, I blocked his blow using the hilt of my sword.

“Don’t block with it, dodge! What do you think a rapier is for? Do you not have any ability to analyze your situation!?”

Regza stepped towards me, greataxe in hand.
The crest engraved within the axe was glowing.

“Yeah!! Finish him!! The special technique of the Guild Leader!”

A lone voice rose from the audience.
At the same time, a sense of excitement grew within the arena.

“<Full Charge * Pound>!!”

A light began flowing out of the crest as Regza shouted.
At the same time, Regza swung the axe with all his might.
I was struck with a force that felt like it was crushing my whole body.
And then, I was blown away, crashing straight into a wall.


Unable to recover from the hit, I slowly lost consciousness.
I could hear the Guild Leader and my comrades laughing.
The powerless me had no way to respond to that mocking laughter.

— With that, I finally blacked out.



I woke up.
But, the back of my head and abdomen were still in great pain, and I felt like I was about to faint again.

“Are you OK…? Onii-chan…?” [TN: Onii-chan = big brother]

I was face to face with a young girl.
It was my step-sister, Miria.
That is to say, I was in my house.
With great strain, I sat up.

“Ah, don’t push yourself. Zenon-sensei said you should rest for 2 or 3 days.”

“… I see.”

The doctor of a count’s family that works for the imperial household.
Maybe my bones are broken, although I wouldn’t know.
I sighed, and laid back down.

“Is Uncle not here today?”

“Mhm. He’s still on his business trip. Mother is also going to some count’s party, so tonight it”ll be just us two.”

Hanging on the edge of the bed, Miria looked really happy for some reason.
I turned away to avoid that smiling face.

It’s been 3 years since I was adopted by the Count Teremius family.
Since my parents were killed in the war, they took charge of me.
However, I was only an acquantaince, so my whereabouts were not particularly important.
2 years ago, I began working at the town’s guild as a mercenary.

“At any rate, Regza-san is really cruel, huh. Always messing with Onii-chan.”

Miria prepared a wet towel and wiped my forehead.
Perhaps she was looking after me even while I was unconscious.

She began noticing Regza’s treatment of me earlier this year – we’re a step-brother and litle sister after all.
I wonder if I should tell Count Teremius about it?
Hearing it from his own daughter, he might recognize the small problem.

“It’s fine, I can do it myself.”

“It’s okay. I want to do it, so Onii-chan just stay still. ‘Kay?”

Forced back onto the bed, I sighed resignedly.
She’s really happy to care for me, but it’s definitely not love.
I guess it’s more like, I’m her pet.
An orphaned, pitiable animal–.
A step-brother who, despite being a guild member, has not even the slightest bit of [skill].
I chewed on my lips, still avoiding Miria’s gaze.

“Hey, Onii-chan. Can’t you leave the guild and help out with Father’s work? I could ask, you know?”

“Stop it. There’s no way someone like me could aid Count Teremius. And anyways, I only got into the guild because of his recommendation.”

“Gah… Onii-chan is always like this. Never wanting to quit, and always patient.”


Feeling like I was seeing straight through Miria’s heart, I tried to avoid her gaze once again.
The guys who joined after me would surpass me one by one, and even my juniors mocked me every day.
Why can’t I learn any [skill]?
Why, when learning new techniques, am I slower than the others?


My blood boiling, I kept chewing my lips.
Right now, there was certainly no surplus of Miria’s kindness.

I wanted to triumph.
The enemy soldiers, who snatched away my parents’ lives—.
Those guys in the guild treating me like trash—.

I cursed them in my head.
It’d be nice if they could disappear from this world.


Having spent a day and a half recovering, I headed back to the guild.
My body still hurt, but I might be expelled from the Count’s family if I were absent any longer.
Without a decent income, I really had nowhere else to go.

“So, you’re finally back.”

The guild door opened, and Regza’s voice immediately greeted me.
The skinheaded and swarthy guild leader – the [Greataxe] really suits him.
An old friend of Count Teremius, Regza was the person whom I was sent to work for.

“… Where is everyone?”

Behind the counter and at the tables, there was no sign of any guild members around.
I sat down on a nearby chair and glanced at a notice on the bulletin board.

“There was an important meeting. You were absent, but everyone else went. We couldn’t leave this place empty though, so I stayed behind as a caretaker.”

So said Regza, as he stood there unsteadily with a wine bottle in his hand.
“Caretaker”, huh?
He just forced his underlings to do a job he didn’t like, and spent his whole day drinking, right?

“Whaaat? That discontent face. You wanna go through more hellish training? Hahh?”

Regza’s face, reeking of alcohol, was too close.
Anyways, there was nothing interesting there.
Thinking of some excuse, I prepared to make my way out.

“Leaving already? You have work to prepare for too ya know?”


I couldn’t believe my ears.
Just now, what did he say?
“You have work”?
For me?

“You’ve worked here for almost 2 years, right? Although normally our members are ready for action within half a year, you haven’t made any progress. Aren’t you embarrassed? You are a member of the Teremius family, after all.”

“… Did Count Teremius say something?”

Sighing, I got up from my seat.
It was pretty unusual for me to get any work.
After too many disappointments, the Count probably asked Regza to give me any easy job.
Or maybe, Miria asked the Count?
“Won’t you please give my poor brother some work?” or something like that.

“Hah, very insightful. Happy, aren’t ya? To have some work.”

He violently handed over a work request for the guild.
I unhappily read the contents.

Gernold Teremius
[Request Contents]
Eliminate the [Big Sleeping Hare] deep inside Vizend Cave.
Retrieve and deliver the drop item [Big Sleeping Hare’s Light Purple Pelt].
500 Gold

“Ha ha ha! A fun job, right? Hunting a sleeping hare in a deep cavern! The perfect job for you!”

Regza’s loud voice rang out as he took another swig from his wine bottle.
Tightly gripping the request, I got ready to go.

“Are you going? Well, you gotta, right? After all, it’s a request from Gernold himself! As if you could decline! Gahaha!”

Without replying, I opened the door and walked out.
Behind me, I could still hear Regza loudly laughing.

(What an idiot!)

I might as well leave this town now.
You see, the [Big Sleeping Hare], well, it’s a monster so docile that even a woman could beat it.
The drop item, [Big Sleeping Hare’s Light Purple Pelt], is an item that’s neither unusual nor special. It’s commonly used in trade because of how easy it is to obtain.
And yet, Count Teremius still sent me to Vizend Cave to get it.
My entire job, is to just kill the hare and retrieve its drop.
Basically, they’re making me look like an idiot.
I think that even I could easily defeat a [Big Sleeping Hare].

(Damn it, damn it, damn it…!)

Suppressing my desire to shout in anger, I began heading towards the town’s eastern gate.
Vizend Cave is a small cave a short stroll away from the town.
Since all the dangerous monsters here have been exterminated by the guild, the journey is a safe one.
Better get this stupid task over quickly.

Almost unable to control my anger, I departed from the town.

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Ice Magic 000 – Character Overview

# May be updated at any time (currently incomplete because it’s kind of pointless to have this for characters who haven’t been introduced yet [the actual author is updating this as he goes so some of these characters won’t appear for a really long time])

– Krell Asgard
The main character / protagonist.
Eldest son of the Asgard family.
Received the power of ice magic from an unknown demon.

– Regza Blastal
The swarthy skinhead leader of a guild in a remote village.
Specialty is the greataxe.

– Miria Teremius
The protagonist’s step-sister.
The sole daughter of the Teremius family.

– Zenon Rynsel
A doctor who worked for the Teremius family many years ago.

– Gernold Teremius
Head of the Teremius family.

– Buka Alorude
The shopkeeper managing a manufacturing shop in a remote village.

– Reino München
Miria’s friend.
A daughter of the Munchen family.

– Shira Leinrum
A maid working for the Teremius family.
Daughter of the Leinrum family.

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