BGHS Story

Here, I will be translating the storyline of Colopl’s mobile game Battle Girl High School (BGHS) as well as event stories when I have time! If you haven’t heard of it before but ended up here somehow, you can try playing it by using QooApp which allows you to easily download Android APKs without regional restrictions!

I’ve asked support whether this is legally allowed just to be absolutely sure and they said it’s fine as long as it complies with copyright laws, so yay! (too fancy talk for me to TL word for word but basically it’s “hi you’ve reached bghs support, thank you for your question, please understand that characters, items, collab events, etc. are copyrighted by our company, however according to article 30 of some copyright law, you are allowed to use it for personal use or original associated works, so please go ahead as long as you understand the limits. thx”

ご連絡ありがとうございます。バトルガール ハイスクールサポートです。


Chapter 1


Chapter 1: 3rd Period’s Lesson is… Recapture Shibuya!

Chapter 1

1-1: The Final Test (最終テスト)