Translation Speed

I’m often busy in real life, so sometimes I don’t release anything for months at a time. (some releases are literally 8-10 months apart)

Unfortunately, this means that a lot of projects that I start very quickly start to look like they’ve been abandoned.

I’m probably (hopefully) not dead though. If I haven’t released anything in a while it just means that I haven’t had time to get around to doing translations. Anything that I actually drop will say that it’s been dropped on the list of translated stuff.

Anyone else who wishes to take over something I’ve worked on is free to do so. If you drop a link to your own translations in the comments somewhere or send me an email (see About page) I’ll be happy to link to you.

Beyond that, when it comes to my slow releases you’ll just have to wait for my super slowness or hope that someone else picks up the project 🙁

Sorry! Thanks for being patient!